aws importterraforming infrastructure

Terraformize your AWS
Cloud infrastructure

Generate a workable Brainboard diagram and valid Terraform code
from your existing Amazon Cloud Services cloud infrastructure.

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Migrate AWS

How AWS Cloud Migration Works

This process takes approximately one week to be managed on your end with support on our side.

import aws


Connect AWS Import Instances

aws import


Select the desired cloud resources and data resources to import.

import terraform

Auto generate

Generate a workable Brainboard diagram and valid Terraform code from your existing AWS cloud infrastructure.

import aws


Deploy and manage AWS Cloud Infrastructrures.

import aws

AWS Import FAQ

Can I migrate from Azure?

Currently, Brainboard supports migrate from Azure and AWS as part of our Enterprise standard offering.


What is Terraforming or Reverse Engineering?

Terraforming is the concept in which something is transformed. In the case of Cloud Computing and Brainboard, we call Terraforming the process of migrating your infrastructure into modern Infrastructure-as-code framework, and more specifically into Terraform. Reverse engineering refers to the fact of converting each Azure resource to a valid terraform code.

How much does it cost to migrate my AWS infrastructure?

Each AWS Cloud Resource migrated will cost one credit. Every Brainboard client is given 50 FREE credits to start with. Nevertheless, to start migrating to Brainboard with more than 50 resources, schedule a call with our team to discuss volume pricing packages.

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Why should I visualize my cloud environment?

Migrating to Terraform brings many benefits, however, it can really only be leveraged to its full potential by those that are experts in IaC. Visually managing your Terraform and therefore your cloud infrastructure allows you to access all the benefits of IaC, regardless of your team's Terraform experience. After importing your Azure cloud infrastructure, with Brainboard you be able to:

1. Design robust multi-cloud architectures the same way you would draw a design on a whiteboard, and have Terraform code generated instantly with IaC best practices natively enforced. Apply code principles to your designs and version every step of your work.

2. Deploy with CI/CD pipelines that you visually create using the most reliable and popular pipeline actions to gain valuable insights into cloud costs, security vulnerabilities and policy breaches for your cloud infrastructure.

3. Manage your infrastructure and team around a single source of truth, with 100% accurate cloud infrastructure architecture diagrams, Terraform code, and deployment outputs. Standardize processes around public and private libraries of templates and modules that are usable by engineers with any level of Terraform knowledge.

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How much time will I save by using Brainboard to Terraform my AWS instances?

Traditionally, migrating a cloud infrastructure requires multiple engineers working for months to analyze the existing infrastructure, write the Terraform code, and validate the code, all for each cloud resource.

As an example, an infrastructure with 2,500 resources typically takes 3–5 engineers anywhere from several weeks to several months to fully migrate to Terraform

With Brainboard, it will take 1 engineer less than 2 weeks to migrate 2,500 resources to Terraform and you will also have an accurate diagram representation from which to make further adjustments, changes, and deployments yourselves.

Included in the Enterprise level: Experts in the industry will be supporting you all the way through the process of onboarding, migration and further cloud management on Brainboard.

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Skip Terraform Learning Curve & Leverage IaC

Migrate, Scale and Manage your existing infrastructure in weeks with Brainboard.

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