Design to code

Smart cloud designer

The power of the design combined with the flexibility of the code
cloud infrastructure diagramming solution cloud infrastructure designer solution

You design. We generate your IaC code.

Cloud engine embedded in a smart canvas that understands your actions
and the relationship between cloud resources.

Multi-cloud by design

Seamlessly integrate with multiple cloud platforms, subscriptions and environments.
multicloud designer

Terraform modules natively supported

You create your own & private modules catalog.
add terraform moduleterraform module setting

Smart configurations

Our AI suggests you how to configure your cloud resources.
Storage Account

Integrated controls

Leverage the power of the embedded CI/CD engine.

Your naming conventions and standards as part of the design

You have the possibility now to make your standards and naming convention part of the default workflow in Brainboard.
terraform variables
multicloud designer

Multi-cloud by design

Go easily beyond the boundaries of any provider by designing multi-cloud architectures. It could be AWS, Azure, GCP, Cloudflare, OCI…Brainboard is the place where you can govern them all together with the same standards, naming conventions, policies, security checks…

You can create visible links between resources from different cloud providers.

The Terraform code generated is optimized for every provider.

Shared naming convention.

Integrated security checks that give you comprehensive details about the security posture of every provider.

Estimate the cost of your infrastructure and compare between providers.

You have the freedom to switch to any provider with just few clicks.

opentofu modules

Terraform modules natively supported

Whether it is public or private, Terraform modules are natively integrated in Brainboard and the user interface is optimized to allow anyone to use them and understand their parameters:

Create your own private modules catalog to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Users within the same team or organization can easily use modules from the catalog.

Automatic refresh of modules, even if they are updated outside Brainboard. No one can move faster than you do while maintaining control of the evolution of modules in real time

The smart cloud designer  understands the relationship between modules and Terraform resources.

Embedded documentation of modules enables anyone to easily understand and configure them

terraform variables

Your naming conventions & standards as part of the design

You now have the possibility to make your standards and naming conventions part of the default workflow in Brainboard allowing users to build quality code from the beginning.
Brainboard is your platform to build and maintain scalable cloud infrastructure.

terraform cicd workflow

Integrated controls

Leverage the power of the embedded CI/CD engine to centralize all the controls of the cloud infrastructure in one platform and shorten the feedback loop.

This is a great way to create gated deployments, and also monitor cloud infrastructures for any drift that may happen outside the source of the truth.

Storage Account

Smart configuration suggestions

We provide you with the power of AI to help you easily configure the cloud resources through the smart suggestions.

We parse the documentation of Terraform and the API of the cloud providers to give you the most accurate suggestion for every field of any cloud resource.

Storage Accountterraform cicd workflowopentofu modulesterraform variables
multicloud designer

It’s up to you now to build great things.