The best thing you can do to your cloud infrastructure.

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Creates standards & best practices that are automatically applied at the design level.

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No one is left behind, every one can understand & contribute.

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Build your self-serve model and keep your IaC DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).

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Why Brainboard?

IaC service catalog
Build your self-serve model & customized catalog

A platform for your cloud maturity, your processes and best practices, that allows your team to leverage previously approved work. Keep your IaC DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).

Terraform designer
Single source of truth, always in sync with your cloud infrastructure

Your design and Terraform code are up-to-date with each other automatically. After deployment, the drift detection will periodically scan your infrastructure for any change.

end-to-end Cloud platform
More than just a CI/CD, end-to-end solution

The cloud is not just a CI/CD, it’s processes, best practices, people, tools, documentation…all in a unique source of truth.

learn terraform easy
Lower the learning curve for your teams

With Brainboard, you don’t need to be a Terraform guru to understand and build a cloud infrastructure.

cloud infrastructure security
Security, cost control, and compliance all in one place

All the tools you need to keep your cloud infrastructure (design and Terraform code) secure and under budget.

cloud infrastructure collaboration
Collaborative. Everyone can understand & contribute

No one is left behind. All stakeholders share the same view and details of the infrastructure. They build it & maintain it together.

Your questions, answered.

What are the best use cases for Brainboard?

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How can I get started with Brainboard?

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Can I collaborate with my colleagues?

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Can I deploy my infrastructure?

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How does Brainboard integrate with tools like Infracost, checkov or tfsec?

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It’s up to you now to build great things.