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Kickstart your Cloud Journey with Bob

Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Automatic Terraform code for multiple cloud platforms

Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Quick generation of complex cloud diagrams

Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Significant time savings and reduced manual effort

How Bob AI works?

Bob is the first and the most advanced cloud diagram and terraform code generator, integrated into

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1. Prompt

Craft the perfect ChatGPT Prompt for Bob to create a new architecture.

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2. Architect

Bob generates corresponding Terraform code. In case of any errors, Bob will return with feedback to try again.

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3. Generate

Bob is able to create a comprehensive high-level design diagram that accurately represents the intended cloud infrastructure. Additionally, generate corresponding Terraform code.

design to code

4. Configure

Once the design and code are ready, seamlessly transition to configuring the setup as usual with Brainboard, and then validate and deploy the infrastructure.

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How is the Infrastructure-as-Code being modified or generated with Brainboard AI?

Brainboard's AI, named Bob, is equipped with a unique capability: it possesses access to ChatGPT's API key, enabling it to autonomously generate valid Terraform code. This advanced feature empowers Bob to not only understand complex cloud architectures but also to dynamically create them from scratch. Bob's profound understanding of cloud infrastructure allows it to expertly shape any given architecture, ensuring efficient, scalable, and robust cloud solutions.

Is Bob a Terraform Assistant?

Consider Brainboard's AI, Bob, as a Terraform kickstarter. Bob is designed for those who are uncertain about where to begin with cloud architecture. It quickly conceptualizes and drafts valid, efficient cloud architecture based on your specific prompts. Bob streamlines the initial design process, helping you jumpstart your project with a solid, well-structured foundation in cloud infrastructure.

Is the Terraform infrastructure generated by Bob, an AI model, reliable for practical deployment?

Bob, an AI model, is designed to create highly accurate Terraform infrastructure configurations from a single prompt. However, like any AI tool, it has its limitations. To ensure the best results, keep in mind:

- The quality of the output (both the diagram and Terraform code) directly depends on the quality of the input prompt.
- The generated infrastructure may not be immediately deployable. Each resource might require specific configuration tailored to your use case.
- To safeguard your privacy, avoid including private information in the prompt, as this data could be incorporated into OpenAI's knowledge database.

What cloud services and providers do Bob support?

Brainboard's AI, Bob, currently supports a wide range of leading cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI. Our team is diligently working to expand Bob's capabilities to encompass any Terraform provider. This enhancement will enable Bob to offer even more versatile and comprehensive cloud architecture solutions, tailored to a broader spectrum of cloud environments and infrastructure needs.

How much Bob cost?

Our commitment at Brainboard is to develop a tool that enhances the enjoyment and efficiency of your initial experience with us. While we are still in the process of determining a suitable business model, we assure you that Bob will be free for our selected beta users. Your feedback is valuable to us, so we welcome any suggestions or preferences you might have for alternative models or features.

What is the difference between Bob and other AI?

Brainboard AI Bob stands at the forefront of Infrastructure-as-Code technology, offering unparalleled capabilities for users to define, connect, and scale cloud infrastructures effortlessly.

Our pride in this achievement is rooted in our history; we implemented the machine learning logic & brain behind the generation of the terraform code on Brainboard, both on the Backend and the frontend you all see.

Bob uniquely empowers users to not only generate valid Terraform code but also to create a corresponding visual cloud diagram for intuitive editing and understanding.

This dual functionality marks a significant advancement in the field of cloud infrastructure management.

How can I read more about AI?

As fellow enthusiasts of AI, we are continually exploring the capabilities of AI in conjunction with cloud infrastructure. We are pleased to offer you these resources, which can assist you in navigating ChatGPT and AI-infrastructure:

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Can I rearchitect my architecture already built?

Currently, the ability to rearchitect an already built infrastructure using Brainboard AI Bob is not available. We are working hard to make it happen as fast as possible.

However, we are actively enhancing the platform by integrating AI into the ID card feature, which provide intelligent suggestions. This development is a step towards more advanced capabilities, including the eventual possibility of rearchitecting existing infrastructures. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!

Can I contribute to Bob?

In response to your inquiry, Bob, Brainboard's AI tool, is not open source. However, we highly value and encourage your honest feedback. We are committed to listening to our users and implementing as many of your requests as possible. Your input plays a crucial role in helping us continuously improve and tailor Bob to better meet your needs and expectations.

Give me examples of ChatGPT prompts for Bob?

Examples of ChatGPT prompts for Bob could include:

"Generate an Azure architecture with at least 20 resources, ensuring optimal integration and efficiency."

"Design a multi-cloud architecture utilizing AWS, GCP, and Azure, focusing on seamless interoperability."

"Create a serverless API using AWS Lambda, connected to a DynamoDB table named 'petstore', ensuring secure and efficient data handling."

"Develop a 'Pets API' Lambda function that interacts with a DynamoDB table 'Petstore', optimized for low latency and global user accessibility."

"Construct a Terraform Module for AWS EKS Cluster Provisioning, focusing on scalability and resilience."

"Build a Terraform Module for an AWS VPC 2-Tier Application, emphasizing security and network efficiency."

"Develop a Terraform Module for Network Peering in Azure, ensuring robust connectivity and security."

"Create a Terraform Module for provisioning Compute Instances, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and performance optimization."

These prompts are designed to leverage Bob's capabilities in creating diverse, efficient, and scalable cloud architectures and Terraform modules.