Design first.
Code when needed.

Start on the right track by emphasizing design before swiftly generating valid Terraform code in just seconds.

Trusted by companies and engineers building scalable products in the Cloud

Design first
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Centralize your Cloud,
Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Azure and BrainboardAWS & BrainboardOCI and BrainboardGCP and BrainboardAzure and BrainboardKubernetes
Microsoft Azure architecture
AWS cloud architecture
OCI cloud architecture
Multicloud architecture
design infrastructure
Kubernetes architecture

Collaborative and Scalable Building

In ever-changing infrastructures, everyone needs real-time accuracy. Scalability means a multi-environment approach, efficient variablization, safety through snapshots and rollback, consistency with templating, and seamless integration with visual CI/CD.

cloud source of truth
slack integration
Everything you care about is natively integrated in Brainboard
A Complete Designer kit
  • write terraform code
    Autogenerate terraform code and update the idcard.
    Bidirectional Design <> Code. Join Waiting List.
  • synchronization environment
    Navigate your architectures and complete terraform actions in seconds with our shortcut. Just press Cmd + K.
  • architecture versioning
    Version every step of your work natively or with pull requests.
  • custom resource
    Use containers, custom shapes and icons onto your designs.
  • export architecture
    Export your architecture in PNG, PDF or JPEG.
  • read me file
    Readme file integrated on Brainboard.
  • invite collaborator
    Invite others and collaborate in real-time and asynchronously.
* AWS & Azure only available for Enterprise.

Import your existing terraform code to visualize your resources &/or convert your legacy infrastructure into terraform code.
Git integration
Brainboard natively supports integration with GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps.
Git source of truth
Pipelines and CI/CD
The only CI/CD engine to visually design and control your cross-environments deployment strategies without YAML
  • webhook
    Centralize all Terraform Actions
  • webhook
    Integrate your existing workflow
  • drift detection
    Real-time Drift Detection
  • synchronization environment
    Promote & synch Infra
  • tfsec integrationOPA integrationcheckov integration
    Optimize cloud security
  • infracost integrationslack integrationTeams integration
    Break communication barriers
  • infracost integration
    Optimize cloud cost
Security and remote backends
Brainboardterraform cloudAzure blob storageAWS S3 bucketGoogle cloud Storage
By emphasizing design and allowing for secure storage of Terraform state files, Brainboard enhances the security of your cloud infrastructure.
  • deployment
    SAML & OIDC support with wide range of login providers.
Multi-Cloud by Design
Brainboard natively supports multi-cloud credentials natively with Azure, AWS, OCI, GCP and Scaleway.
cloud source of truth
Brainboard helps in creating standards and best practices that are automatically applied at the design level, ensuring consistency across projects.
  • Build your own library of architectures, with no extra effort.
  • import terraform module
    Import Terraform modules.
  • terraform module
    Leverage from the community’s templates library.
drift detection
Cloud Management
Structure your projects, environments, and architecture in a single organization-wide view.
cloud management

"As an engineer myself, I wanted to empower engineers to focus on building cloud architectures right, with best practices and security by design, allowing anyone to understand the infrastructure. Brainboard is the solution for enterprise cloud infrastructure."


CEO & Founder of Brainboard

Loved by industry leaders & +550.000 Cloud Architects

"Brainboard is a revolutionary technology. It created a whole ecosystem to design and operate the cloud, taking infrastructure management to the next level."

Sebastian Pahl Co-founderDocker Brainboard

Sebastian Pahl


"What a time-saver Brainboard is. All of my resources, modules, templates are right there in the library, ready to pull in error free the first time."

Sebastian Pahl Co-founder

Thomas Smith


"The team shared their expertise and best practices with us, which made the process of building our infrastructure much smoother and efficient. We felt empowered and confident in our abilities to build something truly great with the help of the Brainboard team."

Sebastian Pahl Co-founderSebastian Pahl Co-founder


Senior Consultant at KPMG

"Fasten your belt and get ready to reach the clouds with ease, effectiveness, and elegance. Being able to organize, design and deploy architectures for all the applications that are built makes me save a lot of time. Brainboard solves for me the hassle can be to managing the environment and settings for cloud-based applications.”

Sebastian Pahl Co-founder

Michel M.

Azure customer, Infrastructure Manager

“Brainboard allows us to quickly visualize our cloud platforms and assets, and even deploy multi-cloud architectures with one click. It's also helped us better manage our cloud infrastructure costs.”


Eric O.


"Very easy-to-use tool to design Azure architecture and generate Terraform scripts. I was a newbie in Terraform when I first started using Brainboard, and it was beneficial. It is also effortless to clone architectures, reuse parts/modules and also do reverse engineering."

Sebastian Pahl Co-founder

David G.

Azure customer, Terraform newbie

“I can't find the words to describe how incredible, powerful, and practical Brainboard is for me as a DevOps Engineer.”

Y combinator

Abel L.

DevOps Engineer

“I have been using Brainboard along with Infracost for a few months now and I am extremely impressed with their efficiency in saving cloud costs. The integration of Infracost with Brainboard has made it incredibly easy for me to analyze and optimize my cloud spending.”



Revenue Ops

“The team at Brainboard has been incredibly supportive and responsive to any queries I or any of my startup portfolio have had regarding their platform, which has made the entire process of migrating to Terraform, seamless.”



Managing Partner

“Brainboard might've made the coolest tool of 2022 for me. Seriously it's phenomenal what it can do!”

Jim Curtis

Jim C.

Principal Cloud Architect

"Enterprise workloads need Brainboard."

Chris Smith

Engineering Manager

"As a cloud architect, Brainboard has allowed me to give life to my designs and architecture choices, because going from a diagram to an operational architecture is just a few clicks."

Yassir A.

Senior Cloud Architect

"Why write programming code when you can design application systems with Brainboard?"

Denis Astahov

Solution Architect

"Brainboard is my greatest cloud discovery of 2023. The CI/CD Engine is very powerful and have room to be the reference of it all! I recommend testing Brainboard's diagramming to code capabilities which are indeed very impressive."


Senior Cloud Engineer

"Welcome to the era of Terraform-as-Diagram! Brainboard is Terraform migration made easy and visual."

Patrick Pichler

Data Analytics

Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
g2 brainboard
"Best graphical design tool
to create terraform scripts for Azure"
Forrester Brainboard
"Best Diagramming solution
specifically designed for the Cloud."
Gartner Brainboard
"The most interesting company
in the DevOps visual era."
Capterra Brainboard
"The most interesting Terraform
alternative in the scaling market."

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