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Cloud computing concepts technology & architecture

Reverse engineer the cloud

Import your existing cloud resources and turn them into IaC.

cloud design

Enable design systems at best

Use our smart designing tool with all the Cloud resources you need to create your Cloud & network infrastructures. Brainboard understands all the interactions and relations between resources as a human does.

Templates ready-to-use

Choose a template from Brainboard's Catalog and start working in minutes.

cloud diagrams
cloud diagram

Multi cloud by design

Import your infrastructure and improve it as you scale. You can also start from any Cloud Templates available in our Marketplace for any Cloud provider.

AWS cloud infrastructure
Azure Ops
Google Cloud Provider Terraform
Scaleway cloud provider

Auto-generate the Terraform code

Control you Terraform deployment with one click. Preview, suspend, resume & deploy your architectures, or simply extract the Terraform file.

software as a service

Deploy your cloud diagram

We integrate pioneers in the Cloud Computing industry to deliver the best seamless experience in the Cloud. Brainboard supports Azure DevOps, Github, Gitlab...

Online visual collaboration tools

Empower real time collaboration on all your cloud based infrastructures.
Unify your entire Cloud software stack within DevOps culture.

cloud architecture diagram
Architecture diagram

Cloud services, on the fly

Advanced use cases

Terraform Reverse

AWS DiagramAWS Diagram

Terraform Reverse

AWS DiagramMicrosoft Azure Diagram

Multi cloud Architecture

AWS DiagramMicrosoft Azure Diagram

Build multi-cloud architecture with AWS and Azure.

Azure AKS

Microsoft Azure Diagram

Azure AKS with log analytics

Azure storage ADLS ACL

Microsoft Azure Diagram

Azure web application

Microsoft Azure Diagram

Terraform Google Network

Google Cloud Diagram

Import terraform file suitable for Google Cloud architectures.

Modules and Ressources

AWS Diagram

Discover Terraform modules and Terraform resources.

Terraform versioning

Google Cloud Diagram

Discover Terraform versioning on Brainboard.

Import from Modules

Google Cloud Diagram

Import Terraform modules.

Azure API management

Microsoft Azure Diagram

AWS subnet and security group

AWS Diagram

Azure key Vault

Microsoft Azure Diagram

Key features

Data & Resources

terraform resource

Set up your Cloud credentials

aws cloud credentials


Collaborate in an Azure infrastructure as code, cloud-native architecture.

Import your tf code

terraform import

Import your modules

terraform modules

Create your pull request

terraform pull request

Create a template

terraform kubernetes template

Create your template and reuse it with your teams in different environments


How to deploy with terraform cloud?

Set-up your Brainboard account


Microsoft Azure DiagramGitHub Import

Design cloud computing architectures from scratch. Drag & drop cloud resources.

Set up your Cloud credentials

AWS DiagramMicrosoft Azure DiagramGoogle Cloud Diagram

Set-up your AWS cloud credentials inside Brainboard and deploy at ease.

Set up your Git credentials

AWS DiagramMicrosoft Azure DiagramGoogle Cloud Diagram
terraform git versioning

Invite your team

invite users

Invite your team members in your workspace and created environments and projects.

Getting Started on Brainboard

Create your first architecture

Create your own cloud infrastructure from scratch.

From Templates to Deploy

Jenkins and awsAWS Diagram

Build a cloud infrastructure from a template library. Kubernetes architecture templates, aws hybrid cloud, google cloud serverless.

Import from .tf files

Terraform Import

Import Terraform - AWS hybrid cloud.

Import via GiHub - DNS

Microsoft Azure DiagramGitHub Import

Import GitHub - azure infrastructure as code.

Access to Kubernetes diagram & more
all-in-one solution for the cloud
Computing concepts

Brainboard is more than a diagramming tool

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