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Key Features

9 Must-have features to better do your work, remotely

Cloud visualiser

Create or Import

Import your infrastructure and improve it as you scale. You can also start from any Cloud Templates available in our Marketplace for any Cloud provider.

auto-generate terraform

Auto-generate the Terraform code

Control you Terraform deployment with one click. Preview, suspend, resume & deploy your architectures, or simply extract the Terraform file.

cloud visualiser

Drag & drop editing

Use our smart designing tool with all the Cloud resources you need to create your Cloud & network infrastructures.

automation terraform

Variables & Output

It's now possible to flag variables as secrets and that is also reflected on the generated Terraform code. Also, you can define outputs in Brainboard, use them and/or push the any type of files into your Git repo.

cloud diagram templates

Templates ready-to-use

Choose from various templates the community, your team and our Cloud Architects, verified and tested.

cloud provider terraform

All Cloud Providers resources included

Build architectures at your preferred cloud provider and also cross providers. Yes, Brainboard is great supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Scaleway & more.

git versioing

Git-like versioning

We integrate pioneers in the Cloud Computing industry to deliver the best seamless experience in the Cloud.

Deploy infrastructure

Diagram + Configuration = 🤩

Brainboard understands all the interactions and relations between resources as a human does and guide you implement optimised architectures

RBAC deployment


Unify your entire Cloud software stack within DevOps culture. All your cloud architectures & workflows in one place, for all the team to use (RBAC friendly).

Brainboard is an ecosystem for the Cloud, replacing the glued tools.
Brainboard vs. Draw.io
Git versioning
Terraform vs. Brainboard
Use cases

End-to-end single source of truth for your cloud management, make it personal by adding your

AWS infrastructure diagram


Build natively a cloud infrastructure starting Amazon AWS cloud provider and resources.

Google Cloud Infrastructure diagram

Google Cloud Provider

Build natively a cloud infrastructure starting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud provider and resources.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure diagram

Microsoft Azure

Build natively a cloud infrastructure starting Microsoft Azure cloud provider and resources.

Multi-cloud infrastructure diagram


Build natively a multi-cloud infrastructure starting with any cloud provider. In this example, Microsoft Azure and AWS are used to build the infrastructure.

AWS Serverless infrastructure diagram


Build natively a serverless infrastructure.

Kubernetes Infrastructure diagram


Build natively a Kubernetes infrastructure.

Start drawing
Draw.io vs. Brainboard

Connect your cloud & Map reality

Agility brainboard


Import your infrastructure and improve it as you scale. You can also start from any Cloud Templates available in our Marketplace for any Cloud provider.

Privacy Brainboard


Your Terraform states remain stored securely in your own Cloud infrastructure, to maximise security of your data and workflows.

Share cloud diagram


Your Cloud Infrastructure, regardless of its complexity, can be shared to your whole team or embed your diagram anywhere.

all-in-one solution for the cloud
One-stop solution for your cloud

Brainboard is more than a Cloud designer

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