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Feedback culture

Be bold. If you have an idea, just build it and try it. Give and receive feedback from other team members.

Remote, Together

We’re headquartered in San Francisco — but more than half of our team is remote, working from places like Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Paris and more. We may be far apart, but our culture is inclusive and we are in constant communication.

Play as a Team

You’ll never be left hanging. There is always someone available to help you answer questions, complete projects, discuss new ideas, and sometimes we just like to chat (music, books, podcasts, life)


What we are doing is revolutionizing the cloud infrastructure space. We believe in our mission, our purpose, and the ability to impact real change. Come talk with us and see for yourself why we are so excited.

Dream Big, Move Fast

We are constantly pushing the envelope and challenging everyday assumptions. Take different approaches, try new ideas, know you have the freedom to go down a new path.

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to building a diverse, and inclusive workplace that reflects the world we’re striving to build. We represent different cultures, ideologies, religions, and timezones.

High Quality Standards

Data-based decisions and results. We use numbers and data when presenting arguments. We constantly avoid the temptation to guess (No assumptions)

Everything We Create is With The Customer in Mind

We don't just want to satisfy them. We want to excite and empower them. Our goal is to transform the way they work and make their lives easier.

Blending the 'Design and Code' world into one

Design systems & principles applied to Cloud Infrastructures. By Architects to Architects. Actionable insights and best practices applied to the IaC lifecycle.

Meet our Leadership

Cloud experts, creative minds, passionate motivations, and lots of coffee.
Chafik Belhaoues

Get shit done

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Jeremy Albinet

An engineer with +10 years of experience designing cloud architectures and building infrastructures. Former Scaleway SRE.

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Meet the BrainIaCs

Cloud experts, creative minds, passionate motivations, and lots of coffee.

Lowcoder, learning how to code. Climbing the Mount Everest in May 2024!

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Cloud architect & automation expert.

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Enterprise project manager solving business problems for clients in need.

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Cloud Software Engineer

Just making things happen!

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Sales Manager

A new hope. Seriously, she likes Star Wars.

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UX/UI Designer

React lover, CSS ninja and the class clown.

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Frontend Developer

Learner. Doer. Problem Solver

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Frontend Developer

I love pugs.

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Backend Engineer

Just coding some stuff.

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Frontend Engineer

Relax. Take it easy.

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Growth Architect

The Mike Tyson of the Cloud

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Webflow Expert

On a mission to build a $100K/YEAR solopreneur business.

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Frontend Developer

Give me a challenge ;)

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Spontaneous Application

A true entrepreneur, engineer, or student that thinks Cloud.
Understands Infrastructure-as-Code challenges.
Contribute to the architecture of the entire application.
Develop the engine of Brainboard including writing tests.
Salary + Equity + PerksOverall team: 12

Being a BrainIaC has its Perks

San Francisco
You choose your laptop 💻

We make sure you are set up with only the newest models. The only question, we won't ask is: Are you a Windows or an Apple person 🍎

Health insurance for you and your family 🏥

Not only do we offer fair and competitive compensation, but we cover 100% of your insurance, give you extra money each month to do more of the things you love, give back 10% of your time each week, and set you up with the home office of your dreams.

Remote first🏡

Work from any location you fancy. Travel, be a nomad, and stay productive.

Flexible hours 📆

Work when you’re at your best. There’s no need to clock in and out.

Set up your own home office ☎️

Expense anything you need to work remotely. You’ll get your own corporate credit card for your team's expenses.

Competitive Stock options 📈

Own a piece of the company you’re building.

Retreats ☀️

Meet the whole team in a warm, stunning location over a 4 day retreat.

Flexible PTO ✈️

Take time off, recharge your batteries.  Go see your kids’ games and recitals without guilt.

Skill Development 💪

Need training? We’ve got that covered!We encourage you to attend events, meetups and conferences as either a speaker or participant. We’ll cover the cost. You are also welcome to work on the codebase if you want to learn full-stack skills.

Skill Development 💪

We've surrounded ourselves with the best people, investors, and advisors to build a healthy work/life balance. We are a small team, but we pack a punch.

Be Part of something big 🇺🇸 ☁️

Visit Paris and NYC to meet us at our HQ. We have a barista & plenty of snacks.

All fired up? That's generally a good sign.