Azure Application Gateway with Windows Web app

    ## Description This architecture provides a scalable, secure, and highly available solution for serving web applications in Azure. The Application Gateway provides load balancing and routing, while the Windows Web App instances provide the application platform and backend processing capabilities. The virtual network provides the necessary security, while the public IP address makes the solution accessible from the internet. An architecture with an Application Gateway and a Windows Web App in Azure would look like this: **Application Gateway**: The Application Gateway is a layer 7 load balancer that routes incoming traffic to the appropriate backend pool based on rules defined in the listener. **Backend Pool**: The backend pool is a collection of resources that are capable of serving the incoming requests. In this case, the backend pool will consist of Windows Web App instances. **Windows Web App**: The Windows Web App is a platform that allows you to build, deploy, and scale web applications on the Microsoft Azure cloud. It provides a number of benefits, such as automatic patching, continuous deployment, and automatic scaling. **Virtual Network**: To ensure the security of the communication between the Application Gateway and the Windows Web App instances, a virtual network is used. The virtual network acts as a secure boundary between the resources, allowing traffic to flow only between the defined subnets. **Public IP Address**: The Application Gateway and Windows Web App instances will be accessible from the internet via a public IP address. The public IP address is associated with the Application Gateway, allowing incoming traffic to reach the gateway first before being forwarded to the appropriate backend pool. ## Architecture components 1. Resource Group 2. Virtual Network 3. Subnets 4. Application gateway 5. Service plan 6. Windows web app 7. Mssql database 8. Mssql server 9. Elastic pool 10. Log analytics workspace 11. Naming module ## Requirements | Name | Configuration | | --- | --- | | Terraform | all versions | | Provider | Azurerm | | Provider version | >= 3.37 | | Access | Contributor role | ## How to use the architecture To use this architecture, clone it within your project and change the following components: Change the network addresses. | Variable | Description | | --- | --- | | hostname | hostname for your specific application | | location | Location for the subscription | ## Maintainer(s) - [Brainboard team](