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Brainboard is the cloud visualization solution that helps organizations Import or design, deploy, manage and understand their cloud environment.
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With Brainboard, we proved that:

A Board is worth a thousand lines of codes

& writing is not suppose to be the focus of engineers! The focus of every member of the tech team is tovisualize your infrastructure, see the relation between resources dragged and how dependent they are to each other. We also made it possible, only from a Diagram to auto-generate the Terraform code and deploy in an hour.
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Visualize your Cloud Environment

Visualize your infrastructure to see key cloud ressources in context and understand if any cloud ressource is orphaned or unidentified, helping you avoid risk and cut unnecessary cost.

visualise depoyment

Verify cloud migration and implementation

Generate or update cloud diagrams to confirm that what was built matches what was intended, avoiding downtime and preventing holes in security and infrastructure. Drag & drop and configure.

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Automate and reference cloud documentation

Clearly communicate current architecture by automating cloud documentation and keeping it in a central solution. Keep everyone on the same page—from engineers to external stakeholders—without having to manually diagram changes to your cloud environment.

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Cloud Architects are
Architects after-all

& they need their toolbox to Design, Deploy & Manage. Brainboard is an ecosystem of features that allows you to operate your cloud from a single tool rather than multiple tools glued together. We integrated variables, modules, Git-versioning and a solid project management solution primed with automations and security.
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You Design
We Generate
You Deploy
You Manage

All our 3K users visually design, deploy and manage their cloud infrastructures with Brainboard, on a daily basis. But what could Brainboard do even more?
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"What about engineers who already have a cloud infrastructure in-place & live?"

Engineers who, did write 100, 1.000, 100.000.000 lines of code, will be able to import these Terraform .tf files onto Brainboard. In seconds, a Diagram is auto-generated for you, ready-to-host your team.

This is a great way to slowly transition infrastructure Design, Deployment and Management to Brainboard, or to be able to be confident that you can use Brainboard in the future if it potentially doesn't support every feature you need today.
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You Import
We Design
You Deploy
You Manage

Four easy steps to migrate your cloud team into Brainboard. From a tf. state file, we will be able to not only turn your Infrastructure-as-code into a Diagram, all your ressources & configurations but deploy your infrastructure and manage your team.
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A billateral way of building cloud infrastructures with Brainboard.


Within minutes of onboarding a cloud account, Brainboard generates a dynamic visual map of your cloud infrastructure.

Brainboard app

One board, from Brain to board 😉

Orchestrate all your Cloud infrastructures & environments from ONE single tool. ONE single window for the whole Cloud team.

Compare & Improve

Use interactive, exportable maps to understand resource relationships, show compliance violations, and reveal misconfiguration risks.

On-boarding at scale

Better on-board for my newly recruits. Limit access, RBAC

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The visual cloud solution you've been looking for
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