Delivery teams

Build infrastructures with minimum time possible and maximum quality.

Streamline your operations and build trust with your customers by delivering high-quality output.

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Scale your business without reinventing the wheel

We’re dedicated to helping you, your teams and clients, designing and developing cloud architecture solutions on AWS, Azure and / or GCP.

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Ensure the delivery of cloud implementation and migration projects faster

Analyze requirements from your clients, build a long-term strategy and give inputs to your clients on a daily basis. Set collaboration frameworks to optimize deliveries. RBAC-friendly. Project Management friendly.

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No bottleneck. Easier collaboration.

Invite your colleagues, create projects and environments and collaborate in real time on designing and deploying cloud infrastructures in Brainboard.

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Streamline your processes

Streamline your processes by using re-usable templates, modules and environments.

Human Support

Reduce the learning curve of your team members & clients

Be the advisor to your customers on designing Enterprise Architecture from application down to Infrastructure optimization across life cycle of creating opportunity untill successful delivery.

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Dedicated hands-on sessions to onboard new members quickly

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Create private communication channels to support them

Reduce human errors and increase automation by provisioning infrastructure as code / infrastructure as diagram.

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Free trainings for you and your clients

Provision consistent testing, staging, and production environments with the same configuration.

Use cases

Clients mean Partners for life

UCPA and Brainboard
Engie and Brainboard
Digikaizen and Brainboard
ZIMO Brainboard
Y Combinator
MiddleWay and Brainboard

"Thanks to their team and their support, we’ve been able to reduce costs and efforts spent onboarding and training our developer teams."

"We’ve eliminated duplicate work and manual processes to improve productivity and the quality of projects delivered to our clients, while standardizing application deployment methodologies across the enterprise."

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Make Cloud Infrastructure Management simple & fast.

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