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Brainboard for chief technology officer

Identify performance bottlenecks

You control who has access to what and why.

Manage your Teams
features of cloud infrastructure management
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Environments, Architectures & Teams

Cloud deployment manager

hybrid cloud ecosystem

It’s time for something new. A Better Way for CTOs to look at infrastructure-as-code.

visual collaboration solution

Security Planning

Map out processes and best practices to identify and mitigate risks, visualize dependencies & vulnerabilities and improve training and onboarding.

visual collaboration solution

Plan & Understand your IaC

Create an accurate depiction of your cloud environment to optimize your current state and plan any future revisions.

visual collaboration solution

Collaborate with your Team

Analyze requirements from the team, build a long-term strategy and give inputs to C-level executives. Set collaboration frameworks to optimize deliveries. RBAC-friendly. Project Management friendly.

visualise depoyment

Reduced Costs & Effort

A proven solution that features a range of automation capabilities & work seamlessly with workloads across your main Cloud Providers.

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Simplify Complex Processes

As a CTO chief technical officer, have visibility of your workspace and clearly communicate with all your stakeholders.

visual collaboration solution

Centralize IaC Documentation

Design an accurate map of your cloud infrastructure with searchable ressources for AWS, Azure, GCP and more. Create a central repository for documentation.

visualise depoyment

Full autonomy to improve productivity

Develop greater organizational transparency and visibility without compromising on security.

hybrid cloud ecosystem


Visualize an architecture and quickly orient new engineers so they can make accurate, informed decisions.

Plan & Review

Create AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes infrastructure diagrams. Review and optimize development. Develop strong foundational systems to keep your business up and running.


Identify unknown unknowns and act with awareness of dependencies and details on the Terraform code.

Collaborate with your peers

Empower teams to collaborate better with an infinite canvas and endless options to visualize and communicate information. Keep everyone involved, aligned, and engaged.

Share clarity

Manage distributed networks from one central location. Communicate with non-technical people in a way that’s easy to understand.


Monitor your performance and improve your infrastructure across your team.

Manage your Teams

Manage your Multi-Cloud Architectures,
Environments & Teams as never before!

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