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A central hub to design, deploy and manage your entire infrastructure.

Visualize your infrastructure now
Design, Plan, Apply

Write less Terraform Code. Get more done.

It’s time for something new. A Better Way for Cloud Architects to Look at infrastructure-as-code.

visualise depoyment

How Import .tf Works?

Auto-generated, self-updating Terraform diagrams. They synch your infrastructure-as-code as it evolves. With features to help you understand how ressources are connected, see how Terraform code changes fit into the larger architecture, and more.

Simplify Complex Processes

visualise depoyment

A visual workspace where technical professionals gain visibility into existing technology, create a vision for future innovation and communicate clearly with all stakeholders.

Collaborate with you team

visualize cloud solution

Analyse requirements from the team, build a long-term strategy and give imputs to C-level executives. Set collaboration framework to optimise deliveries. RBAC-friendly. Project Management friendly.

Centralise IaC documentation

visual collaboration solution

Design an accurate map of your cloud infrastructure with searchable ressources for AWS, Azure, GCP and more. Create a central repository for documentation.

Plan & understand your IaC

visual collaboration solution

Create an accurate depiction of your cloud environment to optimize your current state and plan any future revisions.

Security Planning

visual collaboration solution

Map out processes and best practices to identify and mitigate risks, visualize dependencies & vulnerabilities and improve training and onboarding.

visualise depoyment
Single Pane of Glass

See the Big Picture and the Tiny little Details!

Develop greater organizational transparency and visibility without compromising on security.

Cloud computing infographic


Visualize an architecture and quickly orient new engineers so they can make accurate, informed decisions.

Plan & Review

Create AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes infrastructure diagrams. Review and optimize development. Develop strong foundational systems to keep your business up and running.


Identify unknown unknowns and act with awareness of dependencies and details on the Terraform code.

Collaborate with your peers

Empower teams to collaborate better with an infinite canvas and endless options to visualize and communicate information. Keep everyone involved, aligned, and engaged.

Share clarity

Manage distributed networks from one central location. Communicate with non-technical people in a way that’s easy to understand.


Monitor your performance and improve your infrastructure across your team

Visualize your infrastructure now
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Why Brainboard ?

Visualize architectures for faster delivery

Provision infrastructure across major public clouds and services using a single workflow.

Diagraming your infrastructure

Reduce human error and increase automation by provisioning infrastructure as code / infrastructure as diagram

Create reproducible infrastructure

Provision consistent testing, staging, and production environments with the same configuration.

Use cases

End-to-end single source of truth for your cloud management, make it personal by adding your

AWS infrastructure diagram


Build natively a cloud infrastructure starting Amazon AWS cloud provider and resources.

Google Cloud Infrastructure diagram

Google Cloud Provider

Build natively a cloud infrastructure starting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud provider and resources.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure diagram

Microsoft Azure

Build natively a cloud infrastructure starting Microsoft Azure cloud provider and resources.

Multi-cloud infrastructure diagram


Build natively a multi-cloud infrastructure starting with any cloud provider. In this example, Microsoft Azure and AWS are used to build the infrastructure.

AWS Serverless infrastructure diagram


Build natively a serverless infrastructure.

Kubernetes Infrastructure diagram


Build natively a Kubernetes infrastructure.

Start drawing
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