A Cloud Management
Solution built for scale

Connect multiple teams - your Cloud Architects, DevOps team and Project Managers - under one platform for faster project delivery times, increased team alignment, and less time spent in meetings.

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All in one visual platform

Brainboard is flexible and limitless. Anyone in your organization can sync building and operating scalable infrastructure,
without relying on scarce development resources.

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Break down silos between departments

Manage users, teams, and shared resources across your organization from a single admin dashboard.
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Seamless collaboration

Brainboard was designed with performance in mind to support real-time collaboration.
Better feedback. Better infrastructure.

Org-wide consistency

Create a common design language across your organization with shared, reusable modules.
Built on Web for a powerful experience.

Public and Private Templates for every team

From AWS, Azure, and GCP, use pre-built, customizable templates to bring cross-functional teams together quickly.
From design to delivery within minutes.
+50 templates ready-to-be-used.
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Plan - Apply - Deploy

Connect the dots

Reduce time spent on switching between tools - Stay focused and leave behind time-consuming tasks to do what you do best: strategy, sales plans and forecasts.
Deploy in-app.
One home for your lifecycle.

Results you can count on

30x to 150x
Reduced Time To Market.
Cloud Architectures created
Faster & better onboarding of new hires.
Visibility of the work done ✅

Project Management

Centralized administration

Set up Brainboard to mirror your organization, so teams can find and focus on the people, projects, and work most relevant to them.
Customized to your organization.
Grow with you as you scale.
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SOC2 Cloud Security

Enterprise-grade security
and governance

Your Terraform state files are stored securely in your own Cloud infrastructure. Run Terraform execution and terraform configuration is run in a complete isolated production environment.
Multiple hosting options are available.
Secure access and onboarding.
Granular controls, greater visibility.
Company-wide single sign-on (SSO)


Do I need to be Terraform expert to use Brainboard?

No. You don't need to be a Terraform or IaC expert to use Brainboard.

In fact, Brainboard simplifies the complexity of Terraform and help you configure cloud resources with a configuration files menu. It will then write clean Terraform code according to best practices.

We also help the community by providing free Terraform trainings, or you can even book a 30min session with us to help on your use-cases.

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What is the difference between Brainboard and vanilla Terraform?

Terraform is a powerfull IaC tool that deploys the code you write. Brainboard, on the other hand, is an end-to-end cloud management solution built on top of Terraform with a visual architecture designer, a secure deployment manager, and dashboards to track costs, KPIs, usage, and more.

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How Brainboard is better than any drawing application?

Brainboard is a one-stop-solution for you and your team to Design, Deploy & Manage modern cloud infrastructure. You design your architecture, auto-generate your Terraform code and deploy your infrastructure.

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How do I generate the Terraform code for my cloud architecture?

Once your architecture is designed and configured, you just need to switch to the deploy panel in order to retrieve the fully generated Terraform code. You can also work with both design and code views.

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Which git repositories does Brainboard support?

You can connect your Git repository into Brainboard in order to push the auto-generated code.
GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps & BitBucket are currently supported.

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How does Brainboard integrate with my current workflows?

In brainboard, you are able to include all your current workflows:
- Manage all your Terraform States
- Connect your Git and make actions
- Create replicable templates for you and your team to use
- Brainboard plan to integrate a lot of open-source, public or private products in a plug-in system

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Can I import my existing infrastructure into Brainboard?

You have the possibility to import your existing infrastructure and auto-generate the diagram.

In the current version we support importing Terraform code and there are 2 ways to do it:
1. Provide the URL of the Git repo (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket...)
2. Upload one or multiple files: Files and folders are supported

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What files are supported in the Terraform Reverse feature?

Reverse engineering process is not as easy as you think. Once uploaded, the diagram is generated in less than 30 minutes. A confirmation email is sent when the action is done. In comparaison, a migration like this one can take to an engineer approximately 100 days of work (generally paid between $800 to $1000 / day)

All your files are accepted and can be migrated into Brainboard including, & not limited to: Data, variables and outputs.

In order to import your infrastructure, you will be required to set-up your Cloud provider credentials.

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Is there a hosted version of Brainboard?

We are accepting few clients only. If you are interested in the hosted version.

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How does Brainboard support multiple cloud provider versions?

The cloud resources present in Brainboard are the same resources you find at Terraform, but they are organized in categories instead of having a flat tree of all the items in it.

We currently support 4 cloud providers: AWS, Azure, GCP & Scaleway.

We support different versions for every cloud providers available which allows users to support their existing infrastructure and ease the migration into newer versions.

We are also planning to add more cloud providers in the future.

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Can I deploy my architecture with Brainboard?

Brainboard deployment manager allows you to execute all Terraform actions (Terraform plan, Terraform apply, Terraform destroy) within a secure sandbox and get the output in real time.

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How can I collaborate with my colleagues?

Brainboard supports real time editing of the same architecture by multiple users. All you need to do is to invite your colleagues and give them the right access.

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How does Brainboard integrate tools like Infracost, Checkov, Tfsec, ServiceNow, etc…?

From Design to Production, 75% faster. Brainboard integrates natively pioneers in the Cloud Computing industry to deliver the best seamless experience in the Cloud.

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Can I create repeatable templates for my cloud infrastructures?

One of the ways to start quickly on Brainboard is to chose from the templates' catalog the architecture you want.

Examples of the available architectures:
- Azure AKS, web application, Hub and spoke
- AWS secure VPC, secure EKS, Jenkins implementation on multiple regions
- Google load-balancers

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Is Brainboard free?

Yes, just sign up and enjoy building cloud architectures visually. The free version access is ideal if you are seeking to get familiar with cloud architectures.

To deploy your architecture, check our pricing plan.

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