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Scalable Terraform solution for Higher Education Institutes

Empower students and faculty to develop the next generation of thinkers and leaders. Brainboard for Education helps simplify the academic experience while enabling and managing global data flow, storage and analysis.

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Help students and staff succeed with the power of the cloud

  • Increase efficiency and savings across every department

    Get the cost, scale, and performance benefits of the cloud for applications such as student information systems, billing, financial systems, and procurement.
  • Accelerate research programs with high performance computing

    From weather forecasting to drug discovery, help researchers advance their most challenging projects with technology designed for large-scale computation.
  • Safeguard data against breaches

    Protect student, faculty, and alumni data, and mitigate risk using the security-first approach of Brainboard Infrastructure.
  • Attract, retain, and develop top faculty and staff

    Deliver exceptional candidate and staff experiences that help academic experts share their knowledge and grow their careers.

  • Treat your institutions as if it's Amazon

    Now, campuses of all sizes are expected to operate more like nimble software organizations—innovating quickly, scaling up virtual service centers, and putting infrastructure in place to support the always-on digital engagement needs of students.

Intelligent networks

According to Digital at the core,

"The technology now exists to connect the variety of applications used within the university, where the IT landscape tends to be more fragmented than in the enterprise. Replacing these siloed ‘information systems’ with intelligent information networks will enable highly personalised engagement with students and staff, individualised experiences, and actionable strategic intelligence. … Now, advanced analytics with augmented intelligence have the capacity to predict what will happen and prescribe actions which can be taken to cause an outcome."

Read the full 2030 strategy framework for university leaders →

Digital at the core

From specs to delivered infrastructure, in hours

cloud infrastructure engineer
The dataist state
Put distributed systems and machine learning to more solidaristic and less extractive uses.
Data-empowered universities
Applying design principles to higher education can transform the way that stakeholders experience learning, teaching, research, and professional services.
auto generate python code
Cloudsourced education
Get infrastructural dominance over universities’ information and learning management systems by integrating both sectoral platforms and infrastructure services.
30x to 150x
Reduced Time To Market.
Cloud Architectures created
Faster & better onboarding of new hires.
Visibility of the work done ✅

— Single pane of glass

Integrate your existing workflows & tools

Brainboard allows you to have in one place, what you usually do with multiple tools and learning curves.

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for everyone

Centralize all team's projects, environments and architectures in one place, powered with powerful RBAC.

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for Cloud Architects

From design to code, in less than 1 hour. Every cloud resource you import / drag & drop is configured and is translated into a Terraform code.

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for DevOps

Your Terraform & GitOps actions in a click of a button. Brainboard enables infrastructure automation for provisioning, compliance, and management of your cloud.

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for FinOps, SecOps

Your cloud governance, cloud costs & business intelligence.

For Institutions

Schedule a demo with a Cloud Computing expert to learn exactly how  Brainboard solution can help your institutions.

For Students

Learn Cloud Computing and Computer Science principles.

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