Import with Terraform

Visualise Terraform Infrastructure

Visualize your Infrastructure-as-code in seconds.

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The best Terraform visualization solution

Better than Terraform graph command: Generate a visual representation of a configuration or execution plan that you can use to deploy.

Import Terraform and visualize Terraform

Import your Terraform files and / or the URL of your Git Repo and generate the diagram. All your resources are already configured with all their information and ready to use.

import terraform
visualize terraform

Same truth seen with 2 different views:

Architecture view & Code view. Surface issues before they become issues.

Import your infrastructure with a readme file

Add README files to keep track and understand of what your team has been working on. Automate your infrastructure documentation.

visualize terraform infrastructure
terraform visualization

Terraform versioning

Navigate between the different versions of your infrastructure and the code is automatically updated.

Run Terraform graph

Visualize your Terraform project instantly

Visualize Terraform →or Get a live demo 👉

Brainboard natively works with:

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