Abstract away the fact that Click-Ops is old-fashioned. Our "Visual DevOps solution" is fast, delivers near-zero errors, and is cost-effective.

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ClickOps is old-fashioned.
Let's bring some visual in here!

Brainboard creates an inventory of your cloud, provides deep visibility, and reacts to changes in your infrastructure.

ClickOps and WikiOps

Click Terraform Import. Always have one visual that fits all.

Import your current project (Terraform .tf code or securely plug one of your Cloud Provider's credentials) to have your team going with the diagram & the code auto-generated.

Click, Drag & Drop your Cloud resources as you configure them

Start with AWS, Azure & GCP. Drag & drop cloud resources and Click & configure them to auto-generate the Terraform Code. Connect your preferred Git & Click Deploy in no time.

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Click AWSClick Microsoft Azureclick GitHubclick Bitbucket
Lowcode platform

Click Terraform Version to save, Synch and Improve your work

and let stakeholders review your work and navigate between the different versions.

Click Duplicate to create a Template other team members or part of the community could re-use

Scale your processes by creating your templates, generate the architecture diagram and your code instantaneously and share them with your team members.

cloud infrastructure template
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Cloud Architectures

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Terraform Modules

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Terraform Variables & Outputs

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CICD Workflows
(Coming Soon)

lowcode project management solution

Click Environments. Manage your Projects through multiple environments.

Keep your Projects / Environments / Architectures, organized, all in the same place.

Click Readme. Document your work as you go

You write markdown for the and you have the HTML page generated in front of you.

readme file
collaborative lowcode platform

Click Invite & Work with, as a unified team

Invite your team members to join your workspace. Create teams and projects and control who has access to what.

Click Set-up your cloud credentials whenever.

Maximum granularity on the scope of your cloud credentials and multi-credentials.

Amazon lowcode
ClickOps deploy

Click Deploy & watch the magic happen.

The same workflows you are used to: Terraform Plan, Apply, Destroy.

Live in the now.
Choose VisualOps.

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