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Cloud Design systems that fits every team

Brainboard is the only platform that brings together powerful design systems on smart components, architecture frameworks and cloud best practices.

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cloud architecture design principles aws
Cloud architecture design principles

cloud infrastructure best practices

Invite your team on Brainboard, manage who can view, edit, and contribute to projects and environments and start building your cloud infrastructures collaboratively.
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Design studio & code maker,
in one solution

Brainboard’s all-in-one diagram maker removes the hassle of switching between diagramming and coding tools. Create your cloud architecture, Drag & Drop your resources and the Terraform code is automatically generated and updated. Cloud computing in simple terms.
cloud architecture design principles aws
cloud native design pattern
cloud infrastructure best practices

Computing systems architecture

Quickly visualize your network infrastructure -- what you and your team are working on and keep all your projects, environments and architectures organized.
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Design Automation systems and design components that fit your CICD pipeline

Build and share cloud infrastructure systems integrators that are always up-to-date, aligned with code, and easy to evolve as you grow.
cloud architecture design principles aws
all-in-one solution for the cloud
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Smart Components for the Cloud Computing industry

Blend in your system requirements to your cloud computing design patterns and trends.
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