Cloud mapping

Cloud Assets visualization and deployment

cloud Cartography

Continuous visibility into ephemeral Cloud environments.

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Map your cloud team, projects and environments

Quickly onboard new team members by inviting them to join your workspace. Create teams and projects and control who has access to what 🔐

Cloud cartography
network visualization

Supercharge your knowledge graph with collaboration

Cloud Knowledge graphs to consolidate and integrate an organization’s information and team into a single solution.

Map your cloud infrastructure

Expose  hidden dependency relationships between your cloud service's assets so that you may validate assumptions about security risks.

map your AWS Infrastructure
Microsoft Azure Knowledge graph

Manage scale and cloud elasticity

Determine a strategy that gives your team a consistent provisioning workflow regardless of infrastructure type while leveraging the unique capabilities of each cloud provider.

Improve efficiency of your system thinking

Fully-featured yet generic to help make anyone better understand their risk exposure, regardless of what cloud provider they use.

Cloud coverage map
Cloud cover map

Knowledge graph that increases productivity

One solution enable to detect, identify, categorize, and visualize all the cloud assets being deployed in an organization.

A Knowledge graph that improves communication

Consolidate infrastructure assets and the relationships between them in an intuitive graph view.

AWS cloud map
Cloud Knowledge Graph

Document your Cloud system thinking

By adding README files, you can keep track and understand of what your team has been working on.

Map your projects, environments and architectures

Zoom in and out of all the projects, environments and architectures your teams are working on to keep track of what they are doing and make the best decisions.

Cloud cover map

Cloud mapping that enables continuous deployment

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