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From Ansible to Terraform with Brainboard

Brainboard uses Terraform, an open-source, Infrastructure as Code platform,
while Ansible is an open-source configuration management tool focused on the configuration of that infrastructure.

Migrate your team from Ansible to Brainboard and gain:

time saved for new hires
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up to 5x
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Migrate from Ansible to Terraform with Brainboard

vs Ansible


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Ansible tutorial


Orchestration tool to manage IaC

Brainboard uses cloud provider APIs to provision and de-provision the infrastructure based on declared resources.

Configuration management tool

Not comprehensive enough, process of keeping the applications and dependencies up to date.



Hashicorp Configuration Language




Brainboard identifies the dependencies, and provisions infrastructure.


When you write the script, it will be executed from top to bottom. Ansible cloud provisioning.

Default approach

Mutable infrastructure

Brainboard changes your IaC without rebooting or replacing the infrastructure. Cloud Native infrastructure.

Immutable infrastructure

Any changes introduced do not cause any “replacement” of the underlying infrastructure.

Lifecycle management

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Dos support

Brainboard maintains the mapping of infrastructure resources with current configuration in state files.

Does not support

Any changes introduced in the configuration are executed automatically on the target resource


Capable of provisioning the new cloud infrastructure and configuring the same with required application components.

Provisioning and configuration

Provisioning and configuration


Executing remote commands on the virtual machine that is newly created. There is no need to deploy agents on the machines for operational purposes.

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Use of SSH to perform all the required configuration tasks. The “state” information for both does not require a separate set of infrastructure to manage

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Migrate your Infrastructure from Ansible to Terraform.

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