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In plain terms: Brainboard is built on top of Terraform, which is an open-source Infrastructure-as-Code platform for deploying infrastructure. Ansible is an open-source configuration management tool used to configure infrastructure that has already been deployed.

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Terraform vs Ansible

Terraform benefits versus Ansible


start with terraform


Ansible tutorial


Cloud agnostic tool to manage IaC

Brainboard uses cloud provider APIs to provision and de-provision the infrastructure based on declared resources.

Configuration management tool

Limited Capabilities-Time consuming process of keeping the applications and dependencies up to date.



Hashicorp Configuration Language



Declarative programming

Brainboard identifies dependencies, configures resources, and provisions infrastructure simply by making small changes to the TF code

Procedural programming

You need to define the whole process, and provide the steps to Ansible in order to provision in the cloud.

Default approach

Easily change and tweak your infrastructure

Brainboard allows you to easily make changes your IaC without having to start from scratch

Inflexible and time consuming changes to infrastructure

Any changes you make will not replace the underlying infrastructure.

Lifecycle management

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Brainboard maintains an accurate mapping of resources of your current configuration in Terraform state files.

Not included

Any configuration changes introduced automatically implemented on the target resource. You aren't able to access the current mapping on demand.


Capable of provisioning the new cloud infrastructure and configuring the same with required application components.

Provision new cloud infrastructure and configuring existing ones with required application components.

Just provisioning and configuration - need to start from scratch every time


Execute remote commands on newly created virtual machines. Eliminate the need to deploy agents on virtual machines

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Use SSH to perform all the required configuration tasks. The “state” information does not require a separate set of infrastructures to manage

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