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Extend SmartDraw: Brainboard includes quick-start templates for over 80 different architecture diagram.

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SmartDraw alternative

Easy and Powerful Diagram Maker

Integrated with cloud tools

Quick Start Brainboard

Brainboard includes quick start templates for over 100 different types of diagrams, from AWS to Azure infrastructures. Powerful auto-formatting means perfect layouts in minutes. It is the right choice whether you work alone or collaborate with a large business team.

Integrated with cloud tools

Brainboard integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use. Easily add diagrams in Google WorkSpace ™, Microsoft Office ® ​​and Amazon Web Services and more.

Powerful data automation

The powerful automation of the data connects to your AWS account, Azure and Google and automatically generates a visual code and terraform.

Checks every box for the Enterprise

Brainboard check each box for the corporate cerebral check each box for your company 15 times less. You will get SSO, Soc2, sophisticated collaboration and account administration features and more.

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Why Brainboard is the
Best Cloud Management solution?

Project definition to Terraform Code takes weeks or months

Due to bottlenecks in the approval and Terraform code review process, creating a cloud infrastructure takes, on average, 3 months to be deployed.

How to centralize cloud resources?

From idea to a production-ready Terraform Infrastructure in minutes.

Keep your architecture design, your Terraform code, your documentation, your validation process as well as your teams all in one platform.

Cloud Management solution

Design better architectures for your organization

Cloud Alternatives

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Discover how Brainboard stacks up to any cloud solution out there.

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