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Advanced Diagramming Solution for Cross-Functional Diagrams

Shapes and Connectors

Friendly User Interface

Brainboard has a familiar and intuitive user interface. This allows you to start using Brainboard very quickly.

Shapes and Connectors

Many Brainboard shapes and resources have control points that allow you to visually change specific aspects of their geometry. The technology behind this is comparable to Microsoft Visio ® "smart-shape" technology.

Automatic Layouts

Brainboard offers good support for auto layouts that help you organize your diagrams quickly and easily. Document everything along the way!

Code generation

With Brainboard you can generate high-quality Terraform code and provision your cloud infrastructure with one click.

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Why Brainboard is the
Best Cloud Management solution?

Project definition to Terraform Code takes weeks or months

Due to bottlenecks in the approval and Terraform code review process, creating a cloud infrastructure takes, on average, 3 months to be deployed.

How to centralize cloud resources?

From idea to a production-ready Terraform Infrastructure in minutes.

Keep your architecture design, your Terraform code, your documentation, your validation process as well as your teams all in one platform.

Cloud Management solution

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