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About Brainboard

Brainboard is a collaborative solution for engineers to visually design & operate their Cloud infrastructure. We help our customers to increase the build and delivery of their infrastructures x11 and speed up their onboarding by up to 70%.

We support providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and more.

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Brainboard’s Story

Both technical profiles with 20+ years of combined expertise and after working together at a major French cloud provider, Chafik and Jeremy launched Brainboard in 2020  Brainboard's vision is to create an ecosystem for all cloud teams to work on their infrastructure.

The first version of Brainboard was launched on
Hacker News on the 25th December 2020. Users were able to auto-generate a Terraform code from Diagram design.

Following a pre-seed fundraising led by Kima Ventures, Evolem and Angel Investors, we are conquering the US market thanks to Y Combinator!

On our 1st year anniversary, the 25th of December 2021, we launched a second feature, available to ALL users for free: Auto-generate a Terraform Diagram from a .tf file!

Brainboard key features:

Infrastructure-as-Diagram: Drag & drop cloud ressources and start building your Infrastructure-as-diagram.

Auto-generate Terraform code: From design to deployment in less than an hour!

Manage Cloud Infrastructure, collaboratively: Unify all cloud team around collaboration and security.

Templates’ catalog: Discover a library of ready-to-use infrastructure templates, public and private.

Import Terraform and auto-generate Terraform diagram: For the first time in cloud history, any Terraform user is able to visualize any kind of infrastructure. This is one step closer to migrating your Cloud into Brainboard.


Brainboard integrates with all cloud computing tools natively such as automation tools (Kubernetes), Git-versioning (GitHub & GitLab) and security components (Terraform Vault).

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Founding team: Jeremy Albinet, Chafik Belhaoues

Team of 5 based in Paris, France.

Fundraising: pre-seed round of $1.2M with Kima Ventures, Evolem & Angel Investors.

Joined Y Combinator for the Winter 2022 batch!

Active users: +5K (+32% growth m/m)

Infrastructure created till today: +70K

By Brainboard



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8 April 2022
Import TerraformImport Gitlab repoTerraform reverse awsTerraform reverse azure

Terraform reverse: Turn your AWS or Azure or Google Cloud environments into actionable visual IaC

It means that you’re now able to convert your AWS and Azure resources into actionable Terraform code and Diagram, both auto-generated ✌️

For Cloud Architects, it means:

➡️ It takes less than 30 minutes to migrate 2500 resources instead of 6 months.
Saving you tens of $ per resource migrated, which represents thousands at scale.
➡️ Allowing you up to 100x faster time to IaC / automation.

Your time is a valuable asset. Don't do in months what you can do in hours.

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14 March 2022
Brainboard import terraformBrainboard import terraform

Brainboard X Y Combinator

Super stoked to announce that Brainboard is backed by Y Combinator as part of its Winter 2022 batch!

Y Combinator is the most renowned startup accelerator in the world. We look forward to learning from the footsteps of Airbnb, Stripe, Zapier, Docker, Webflow and GitLab.

We're honoured to be part of this community of founders and would like to thank our group partners for helping us on our journey.

Follow us as we work to build the next generation of end-to-end solution for engineers, allowing to visually design and operate the Cloud, saving time and gaining in control.

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25 December 2021
Brainboard import terraform

Import Terraform .tf file
& auto-generate your Terraform Diagram!

We are helping existing cloud infrastructure teams migrating into Brainboard with a new feature: Import Terraform.

With just a click, Cloud teams are able to import their .tf files (infrastructure) from its current state to Brainboard.

‘Import Terraform’ was launched on 25th of December 2021, available to all users.

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