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Delivering cloud infrastructure automation for operations, security, networking and application delivery on AWS.

AWS security

3 AWS competencies DevOps, Containers, Security

AWS and Terraform

30x to 150x Increase in Speed and Efficiency with Brainboard and AWS

AWS and Brainboard

Build Multi-Cloud with Brainboard Cloud Platform

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Infrastructure automation with Brainboard on AWS

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Brainboard and AWS have a long-standing partnership helping customers transform their organizations. The Terraform Provider on AWS has over 950 resources and over 350 data sources, helping ensure Infrastructure and policies are codified, shared, managed, and executed within a workflow that is consistent across all your AWS or on-premises infrastructure.

Brainboard as a Platform for CDK Applications

Brainboard Terraform follows an Infrastructure as Code approach and is extensible to support many providers of cloud infrastructure and software services.

Enforce Terraform best practices

Brainboard and AWS have collaborated to provide you the ability to generate a valid Terraform code with best practices in mind.

Brainboard security coupled with the AWS Shared Responsibility

Lessen the need for static, hard coded credentials through centralization. This helps encrypt sensitive data.

Develop a zero trust networking infrastructure

Improve resiliency and visibility of services across AWS services like Amazon EC2, ECS, and EKS with Brainboard.

Modernize your application delivery with Brainboard and AWS

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As organizations focus on growth, retirement of legacy investments, addressing current business needs and improving financial performance, Brainboard and AWS are working closely to help organizations maximize the value of the cloud while modernizing their applications.

Visualize Terraform & Get A Valid Code

Import from any public or private repo & visualize your Terraform Infrastructure. Auto-generate a valid Terraform code directly from cloud diagram. All of your cloud architectures, Terraform modules & workflows in one place.

Integrate Your CI/CD Pipeline

Version every step of your work in Brainboard or with Pull Requests. Store Terraform state files securely in your own remote backend. Securely deploy within Brainboard or trigger your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Build Strong Cloud Strategies

Convert cloud infrastructures into reusable templates. Build your own catalog of Terraform modules. Create cross-environment strategies by promoting or syncing your infrastructure from one environment to another.

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