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Edit the generated terraform code

Responding to the high demand, Brainboard now offers the capability to work bidirectionally between your infrastructure's diagram and the generated Terraform code. This real-time interaction enhances efficiency and workflow integration, streamlining your infrastructure development process.

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β€œThe speed of both worlds.”

We offer the capability to generate valid terraform code directly from a diagram. Drag & drop new resources but then either you update attributes / blocks in the idcard or via the code.
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Welcome to the Bidirectional Era

design cloud architecture
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Easily drag and drop resources and automatically generate Terraform code while configuring the ID card. This intuitive process simplifies infrastructure setup, making it both efficient and user-friendly.

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Revise your Terraform code as you would in your VSCode editor. Remember, visualizing Terraform code is crucial, and with Brainboard, you get real-time visualization! This not only streamlines the development process but also ensures a more accurate and efficient infrastructure deployment.

autogenerate terraform code

Every edits you do
are reflected into the diagram πŸ‘€

update terraform code


Modify the value of an existing attribute for a specific resource, variable, or block within the Terraform code.

write terraform code

Add new

Introduce new attributes or blocks for configurations such as a resource, relationship, Terraform module filename, or a distinct architectural design.



Remove unnecessary attributes or blocks; the diagram will automatically update to reflect these changes.

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Increase Infrastructure Velocity

Work bidirectionally with the cloud infrastructure blueprint and Terraform code.
From Brain to Board in a day instead of a week.

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