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Design, Deploy, and Manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructures on Brainboard

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OCI Single-Source-of-Truth in the Cloud


Use Terraform & interact with OCI resources

Auto-generate valid Terraform code directly from your OCI cloud design.

OCI Lake house


Visually build Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and deploy it easily

Brainboard is your single-source-of-truth. All your Multi-cloud architectures, Terraform modules, and deployment workflows are in one place.

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Import existing Oracle based repository into Brainboard

Import your existing cloud infrastructure from any Git (public and private) repos. Turn it into actionable diagrams and automatically generate valid Terraform code.

Import OCI cloud


Convert Oracle cloud infrastructures into reusable templates

Brainboard allows you to build your own Terraform modules catalog, and share it with your team.

OCI Cloud Templates

Take your OCI Infrastructure-as-Code to the Next Level!

Give it a spin ;)

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Why should I use OCI? 

OCI is quickly becoming one of the major Terraform-native cloud providers available.

OCI's strengths are:
- Covers all core cloud services (network, instance, storage,...)
- Covers advanced managed services such as autonomous database—widely seen as the most advanced DBaaS on the market
- Documentation is extensive
- Their pricing is competitive in comparison to Cloud Providers

OCI + Terraform: 
- Terraform Provider OCI
- Terraform OCI architecture: Lakehouse MDS
- CIS OCI Landing Zone quick start template

Important Links:
- OCI's concept of regions
- Oracle's Terraform best practices
- Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework

How much does it cost to build your OCI infrastructure?

It's 100% free to use the OCI cloud provider on Brainboard.

Additional projects, in-app deployment, advanced RBAC, and much more are included in the SaaS offer for $99/month/user.
-- payable after your 21-days free trial.

If you are searching for an advanced tool for critical businesses, please contact our team.

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What is Brainboard?

Brainboard is a visual cloud solution to design, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructures.

OCI integration with Brainboard is a real asset tool for anyone working in the Cloud Computing space.

How do I design an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

Can I Import my resources from my OCI subscription?

Brainboard's import feature is currently only available on Microsoft Azure.

Imports from AWS and OCI are available to Enterprise clients.

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Is Brainboard limited to OCI? 

Brainboard supports multiple native Terraform Providers, such as: 

- AWS Amazon Web Services
- Microsoft Azure
- GCP Google Cloud Platform
- OCI Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
- Scaleway

Brainboard is designed to allow the creation of multi-cloud infrastructures.

multi-cloud by design