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Brainboard allows you to visually create, deploy and manage Azure cloud infrastructures.

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Automate Microsoft Azure Services Infrastructure with Brainboard

Brainboard and Azure have a long-standing partnership helping customers transform the way they manage cloud infrastructures in their organizations.

Brainboard as an End-to-End solution

Brainboard allows you to collaboratively manage multi-cloud projects, environments, architectures, and to automate workflows.

Enforce Terraform best practices

Brainboard and Azure have collaborated to provide you the ability to generate valid Terraform code with best practices in mind.

Analyze your Terraform code throughout the lifecycle

Our unique CI/CI engine allows you to analyze your valid terraform for security, cost estimate, and policy as code before, during and after you deploy your cloud infrastructure.

Improve resiliency and visibility across AWS

Our drag & drop design tool allows you to easily create Terraform code compatible with all 160 Azure resources like Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database with Brainboard.

Shorter time to delivered Infrastructure
Reported increase in architect & engineer productivity
6 days
Saved per architecture in Terraform code reviews
Visual accuracy of Terraform environments
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Standardize the way your team works with Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Brainboard helps engineers worldwide to standardize the way their organizations manage crucial cloud infrastructures, from the 30,000-foot view, to the low level design. Build robust cross-environment cloud strategies that will give your organization a competitive advantage.

Build and share DRY Templates & Modules

Don't repeat yourself. This is the methodology that Brainboard uses to decrease the amount of time and effort to create cloud infrastructures. We do this by allowing you to create a library of reusable cloud architectures templates and Terraform modules.

Use Brainboard to Migrate into the Cloud

Import your existing cloud infrastructure, then use Brainboard as a training platform to bring all your engineers up to speed with Terraform. Brainboard enforces best practices for AWS cloud architects.

harness the power of a collaborative platform

Ensure everyone on your team can amplify the speed and quality in which you work. By joining DevOps, SecOps, FinOps and CloudOps, you'll eliminate bottlenecks at diagramming, Terraform code reviews, and CI/CD deployments.

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