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Terraform Reverse Engineer

Terraform visualization: Turn your AWS or Azure environments into actionable visual IaC.

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Reverse Terraform

Terraformize your Cloud Environment's in 3 clicks

Your time is a valuable asset. Don't do in months what you can do in minutes. Migrate to Terraform.

Import terraform file

Import from your Cloud Provider

Cloud designer

Visualize your Cloud Environment

Terraform Graph

Generate Terraform code and deploy

Maintain production ready infrastructures with terraform visualization

Import and update the data on which your public and private cloud architecture diagram is based with multi-account or IAM roles. Changes you make will appear, accessible to all your colleagues.
1 Engineer
to migrate your entire environment
versus 15 Cloud Architects / DevOps

Automatically visualize your Cloud Architecture, currently in production

Customize and save your overviews of your multi cloud architecture for different types of situations or audiences. Filter by criteria such as labels, terraform AWS instance or EC2 instances. You can also draw lines to represent associations, create security groups, and more to focus on the essentials.
30 min
to migrate 2500 ressources
versus 100 days

View and exploit your key data using visuals

Easily find and reference data in the context of your AWS diagram, such as security groups, VPC peering connections, and more, without having to access the Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure console. Apply conditional formatting rules to visually identify resources that violate a rule, such as unencrypted databases.
worth saving
$800/day for 100 days

Design, Automate,
Plan, Apply or Destroy

Automatically generate a diagram of your current cloud infrastructure to get an accurate starting point for proposing an optimized architecture. Make sure that new development will be compatible with existing infrastructure to prevent performance issues from occurring later. Terraform aws instance. AWS modules. Terraform graph.
up to 5x
faster time to market,
from Design to Production

Communicate and engage with your colleagues

Get buy-in, coordinate efforts, and gather feedback from your people (technical and non-technical) very easily with sharing and commenting features to avoid misunderstandings and resolve issues faster.
Solution that fits all
versus scattered tools


How much does the Terraform Reverse take?

Reverse engineering process is not as easy as you think. Once uploaded, the diagram is generated in less than 30 minutes. A confirmation email is sent when the action is done. In comparaison, a migration like this one can take to an engineer approximately 100 days of work (generally paid between $800 to $1000 / day)

Can I get the auto-generated Terraform code?

Yes, once your architecture is designed and configured, you just need to switch to the deploy panel in order to retrieve the fully generated Terraform code.

What files are supported in the Import Terraform feature?

All your files are accepted and can be migrated into Brainboard including, & not limited to: Data, variables and outputs.
In order to import your infrastructure, you will be required to set-up your Cloud provider credentials.

Can I import my existing infrastructure into Brainboard?

Yes, you can import your .tf Terraform file to visualize your infrastructure.

Which provider / ressource are supported by Terraform Reverse?

Brainboard support major cloud providers including AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Google Cloud and Scaleway. We support multiple Cloud providers and different versions of your Terraform provider.

How Brainboard is better than any drawing application?

Brainboard is a one-stop-solution for you and your team to Design, Deploy & Manage modern cloud infrastructure. You design your architecture, auto-generate your Terraform code and deploy your infrastructure.

Can I deploy my architecture with Brainboard?

Brainboard deployment manager allows you to execute all Terraform actions (Terraform plan, Terraform apply, Terraform destroy) within a secure sandbox and get the output in real time.

How can I collaborate with my colleagues?

Brainboard supports real time editing of the same architecture by multiple users. All you need to do is to invite your colleagues and give them the right access.

Is Brainboard free?

Yes, just sign up and enjoy building cloud architectures visually. The free version access is ideal if you are seeking to get familiar with cloud architectures. To deploy your architecture, check our pricing plan.

Visualize and Reverse Terraform

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