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Terraform visualisation solution

Import & Visualize Terraform

Brainboard is a cloud visualization solution to auto-generate your Terraform code as a Diagram. Welcome to the era of Terraform-as-Diagram! Drag & Drop to edit, scale or monitor your infrastructure-as-diagram and auto-generate your Terraform code to deploy.
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Visualize your IaC Infrastructure-as-Code
IaC infrastructure as code
.tf files + Cloud provider (.tfvars coming soon)

Turn your Terraform code into an actionable Diagram in seconds

Brainboard is an all-in-one solution to import Terraform code, Visualise and design, Deploy & Manage your infrastructures

Import terraform file

Terraform Import

Import code / git repository with Terraform .tf file.

Cloud designer

Visualize your cloud environment

Visualise your terraform output into a terraform map

Terraform Graph

Verify cloud migration and Deploy

Depict, deploy & manage, all from one place.

Brainboard app

Bring along all your team

Collaborative cloud solution
visualize cloud solution

Excel your onboarding

Excel your Infrastructure team onboarded ding with a complete up-to-date architecture view.

visualise depoyment


Import your infrastructure and improve it as you scale. You can also start from any Cloud Templates available in our Marketplace for any Cloud provider.

visual collaboration solution

Unify Cloud Culture

Unify your entire Cloud software stack within DevOps culture. All your cloud architectures & workflows in one place, for all the team to use (RBAC friendly).

Cloud key features

11 Benefits of importing your infrastructure with Brainboard

1- Create or Import

Whether you have an existing Terraform infrastructure or new to Terraform, getting started is a matter of 3 click: Import, Drag & drop & press Deploy!

cloud visualiser

2- Drag & drop editing

Use our smart designing tool with all the Cloud resources you need to create your Cloud & network infrastructures.

cloud provider terraform

3- Multi-cloud friendly

Starting from any Cloud Provider, Brainboard is the one and only tool to visually build / import your cloud infrastructure and deploy your auto-generated code in less than an hour.

Deploy infrastructure

4- Diagram + Configuration = 🀩

Increase productivity in your teams with incorporated processes, configurations and optimisations.

auto-generate terraform

5- Auto-generate the Terraform code

Writing thousands of lines of Terraform code is repetitive and a manual work. Here at Brainboard, you design your infrastructure and the Terraform code is auto-generated for you. Export it or deploy in-app.

secure cloud

6- Privacy-first

Your Terraform states remain stored securely in your own Cloud infrastructure, to maximise security of your data and workflows.

git versioing

7- Git-like versioning

We integrate pioneers in the Cloud Computing industry to deliver the best seamless experience in the Cloud.

automation terraform

8- Variables, Output & Automations

Powered with great automation capacities thanks to Kubernetes, Dockers and pre-built Templates, Brainboard is a must-have to manage their cloud primed in security and optimisation.

cloud diagram templates

9- Templates ready-to-use

Choose from various templates the community, your team and ourΒ Cloud Architects, verified and tested.

project management

10- Collaborative work done right

Full change visibility and auditing across your entire organisation. Unite developers, infrastructure teams (Cloud Architect & Network Architect) and security engineers around a common platform.

Terraform modules

11- Terraform Modules

Reuse any modules you find online / you create yourselves as a brick of reused codes directly from the Design brick of Brainboard. We made it easy to import, drag & drop and configure your modules directly on your dashboard.

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Brainboard includes Terraform and extends its capabilities

Terraform is a powerful tool to have in your toolset. Brainboard, in the other hand, is a must-have and only toolset to Import, we Design, Scale, Deploy and Manage!

Brainboard alternatives

Brainboard is turning your cloud diagram into terraform code. Exploding head I was looking for something like this that could target infrastructure as code such as cdk or pulumi. It's impressive.

Cool #nocode tool of the day : If Drawio and Terraform had a baby :)
Like CloudcraftCo but multi-cloud, (free, no credit card required)

visual collaboration solution

Jim Curtis
Principal Cloud Architect

Brainboard might've made the coolest tool of 2021 for me, hands down. Seriously it's phenomenal what it can do!


How does Brainboard expand Terraform?


Terraform is a powerfull IaC tool that deploys the code you write. Brainboard, on the other hand, is an end-to-end cloud management solution built on top of Terraform with a visual architecture designer, a secure deployment manager, and dashboards to track costs, KPIs, usage, and more.

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What is Infrastructure-as-Diagram


Terraform is a powerfull IaC tool that deploys the code you write. Brainboard, on the other hand, is an end-to-end cloud management solution built on top of Terraform with a visual architecture designer, a secure deployment manager, and dashboards to track costs, KPIs, usage, and more.

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Can I get the auto-generated Terraform code?


Yes, once your architecture designed and configured, you just need to switch to the deploy panel in order to retrieve the fully generated Terraform code.

Deploy features β†’

Can I use Brainboard with my existing Git repository?


Yes, in paid plans you can connect your Git repository into Brainboard in order to push the auto-generated code. GitLab & GitHub are both already supported.

Can I import my existing infrastructure into Brainboard?


This feature is coming on the 25th of December 2021. We are working to let you smoothly migrate and take advantage of the amazing features we recently launched on Brainboard.

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Is there a hosted version of Brainboard?


We are accepting few clients only. If you are interested in the hosted version.

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Does Brainboard support multiple cloud provider versions?


Yes, we support multiple cloud providers and different versions of their Terraform provider.

How Brainboard is better than any drawing application?


Brainboard is a one-stop-solution for you and your team to Design, Deploy & Manage modern cloud infrastructures. So, you can design your infrastructure, like any other drawing application then, auto-generate your Terraform code and deploy your infrastructure.

Design features β†’

Can I deploy my architecture with Brainboard?


Brainboard deployment manager allows you to execute all Terraform actions (plan, apply, destroy) inside a secure sandbox and get the output in real time.

How can I collaborate with my colleagues?


Brainboard supports real time editing of the same architecture by multiple users. All you need to do is to invite your colleagues and give them the right permissions.

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Is Brainboard free?


Yes, just sign up and enjoy building cloud architectures visually. The free access is ideal if you are seeking to get familiar with cloud architectures and products and want a learning environment. With this plan you have access to the community Slack where you can learn & share.

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Get YOU and YOUR team on-board fast

Starting from any Cloud Provider, Brainboard is the one and only tool to visually build your cloud infrastructures and deploy your code in less than an hour.

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