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Brainboard is a solution that allows you to automatically generate terraform infrastructure as code from your diagram, and also import your existing cloud infrastructure from Git repos or Terraform files and turns it into actionable diagram.
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Terraform import

Turn your infrastructure-as-code
into an actionable diagram in seconds

IaC Brainboard
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Cloud designer

Visualize your Cloud Environment

Visualize terraform code into an easy-to-understand diagram.

Terraform Graph

Verify Cloud Migration and Deploy

Manage the imported code, build on top of it, turn it into template... all in one place.

Brainboard Features

Import. Design. Code. Deploy. Repeat.

Import terraform
Reverse Terraform
Whether you have an existing Terraform infrastructure or are new to Terraform, getting started is a matter of 3 clicks: Import, Drag & drop, and press Deploy!
Infrastructure-as-code Brainboard
Import multiple cloud resources
Starting from any Cloud Provider, Brainboard is the one and only tool to visually build / import your cloud infrastructure and deploy your auto-generated code in less than an hour.
Infrastructure-as-code Brainboardterraform map
Your Terraform .tfstates remains stored securely in your own Cloud infrastructure, to maximize security of your data and workflows.
Infrastructure-as-code Brainboard
Terraform templates ready-to-use
Full change visibility and auditing across your entire organization. Unite developers, infrastructure teams (Cloud Architect & Network Architect) and security engineers around an unified platform.
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Multi-Cloud designer
Use our smart designing tool with all the Cloud resources you need to create your Cloud & network infrastructure.
Infrastructure-as-code Brainboard
Configure each IaC resource
Increase productivity of your teams with incorporated processes, configurations and optimisations.
terraform map
Terraform generate
Increase productivity of your teams with incorporated processes, configurations and optimisations.
terraform import kubernetesterraform import gitterraform import githubterraform import gitlabterraform import azure devopsterraform import dockerterraform import bitbucket
Your workflows, on Brainboard
Powered with great automation capacities thanks to Kubernetes, Dockers and pre-built Templates, Brainboard is a must-have to manage your Cloud primed on security and optimization.
terraform output
Terraform import module
Reuse any modules you find online / you create yourself as a brick of reused codes directly from the Design brick of Brainboard. We made it easy to import, drag & drop and configure your modules directly on your dashboard.

Bring your IaC ressources under Brainboard management

Build cloud infrastructure with minimum time possible and high quality.

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Import & Visualize your existing infrastructure in literally 5 seconds with Brainboard.

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