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OCI on Brainboard

We listened to your requests and just added OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) on Brainboard, the one and only Cloud Design Tool for OCI.


Your OCI Single-Source-of-Truth in the Cloud

Design, Deploy, and Manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructures on Brainboard


Use Terraform & interact with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources

Auto-generate a valid Terraform code out of your OCI cloud diagram.

OCI Lake house


Visually build your OCI Cloud Infrastructure and deploy it with ease

Brainboard is your single-source-of-truth of your Cloud. All your Multi-cloud architectures, Terraform modules & deployment workflows are in one place.

deploy OCI cloud


Import any existing OCI-based repo, public and private onto Brainboard

Automatically generate terraform infrastructure as code from your diagram, and also import your existing cloud infrastructure from Git repos or Terraform files and turns it into actionable diagram.

Import OCI cloud


Convert all your OCI cloud infrastructures into reusable templates

Convert your cloud infrastructure into reusable templates & build your own Terraform modules’ catalog/registry.

OCI Cloud Templates

Better Understand and Optimize
your OCI Infrastructure with Brainboard


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use OCI? 

OCI is one of the major Terraform-native cloud providers used.

OCI's strengths are:
- OCI cover all core cloud services (network, instance, storage,...)
- OCI cover advanced managed services such as autonomous database -- seen as the most advanced DBaaS on the market
- OCI's documentation is extensive
- OCI's pricing is competitive versus other Cloud Providers

OCI + Terraform: 
- Terraform Provider OCI
- Terraform OCI architecture: Lakehouse MDS
- CIS OCI Landing Zone quick start template

Important Links:
- OCI's concept of regions
- Oracle's Terraform best practices
- Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework

Why Brainboard natively support OCI today?

It's only natural that we had to add OCI as Terraform Cloud provider on Brainboard.

- The Brainboard's community have been requesting OCI for a while now.
- OCI is build along Terraform since the ground up.
- OCI is an emergent cloud provider with no real ecosystem yet.

Does Import from Cloud Provider work with Oracle?

The Terraform Reverse feature of Brainboard is available to the public only on Azure for the moment.

Import AWS as well as Import OCI are available to selected clients only.

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How can I design my Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

How much does it cost to build your OCI infrastructure?

It's 100% free to use the OCI cloud provider on Brainboard.

Additional projects, in-app deployment and advanced RBAC (& much more) are included in the SaaS offer of $99/month/user.
-- payable post your 21-days free trial.

If you are searching for an advanced tool for critical businesses, please do contact our team.

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Why do I visualize my OCI cloud environment?

Visualizing your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can benefit all engineers and stakeholders to go faster and validate your imported infrastructure:

1. Migrate and map your Cloud and visualize your infrastructure to see key cloud governance data in context and understand if any elements are relationship, or unidentified. It would help you avoid risk and cut unnecessary costs. Group specific elements such as security groups, VPCs, Virtual Machines, Zones, and more to inspect the terraform code generated.

2. Generate or update cloud diagrams to confirm that what was built matches what was intended, avoiding downtime and preventing holes in security and infrastructure. Validate essential details such as instance sizes, regions, and other data, and identify security concerns.

3. Clearly communicate current cloud architecture by automating cloud documentation IDE and keeping it in a central location. Keep everyone on the same page—from Cloud Architects and engineers to external and internal stakeholders—without having to manually diagram changes to your cloud environment.

4. Validate your imported cloud infrastructure. Build your CICD engine and deploy your cloud infrastructure whenever you are ready. Versions your cloud architecture and create templates to do the work once.

In sum, visualizing your OCI cloud environment has the sole purpose to reduce the scarcity of (re)creating your built cloud infrastructure.

What is Brainboard?

Brainboard is a visual cloud solution to design, deploy and manage cloud infrastructures. OCI is a plug-in from many features and other integrations Brainboard deliver as a real asset tool for any working in the Cloud Computing industry.

Is Brainboard limited to OCI? 

Brainboard support multiple native Terraform Providers such as: 

- AWS Amazon Web Services
- Microsoft Azure
- GCP Google Cloud Platform
- OCI Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
- Scaleway

Brainboard is designed for Multi-Cloud Infrastructures, from the ground up.

multi-cloud by design