'Import your Terraform .tf files and visualise your architecture' is AVAILABLE NOW 🎉

The most flexible management platform for Infrastructure as Diagram

Brainboard is a the most trusted Cloud Management Solution. Manage all your infrastructure-as-code as a Visual Designer. Transform the way your organization operates in the Cloud with a single solution for multi-cloud management and security.

Manage your Cloud

Tackle your organization's biggest ☁️ challenges

Manage IaD infrastructure-as-diagram with all your Cloud Team

Run Terraform securely and remotely, and collaborate on infrastructure with your team.

Manage cloud infrastructure

Smart Designing

IaC Terraform

Use our smart designing tool with all the Cloud resources you need to create your Cloud & network infrastructures. Brainboard understands all the interactions and relations between resources as a human does and guide you implement optimised architectures

For everyone

IaC Terraform

Facilitate collaboration on your team, not limited to Cloud Architects, Engineers, DevOps, CTO, Project Managers or Managers. Review and edit on plans prior to executing any change to infrastructure.

Upskill your team

IaC Terraform

Contrary to common belief, you don’t need an army of DevOps engineers to reach your cloud goals. Instead, you need to empower your existing team to reach their full DevOps potential, supporting their progress with the right tools for their experience and role.

Granular RBAC

IaC Terraform

Brainboard enables you to set up granular RBAC (role based access controls), to establish cloud credentials both the controls for who can apply changes and set up team roles and privileges. With Brainboard granular RBAC you can restrict access to production and restrict users/teams capabilities on all cloud resources.

Strengthen security & compliance

IaC Terraform

We know how important it is to retain ownership of your hard-earned automation - we feel the same way! We let cloud teams create trusted and re-usable modules, templates and variables while enabling versioning enforcement within their organization. You will be able to create a marketplace of private ressources within your organization for your team to easily access inside Brainboard.

Your IaC Infrastructures-as-code applied

Run Terraform securely and remotely, and collaborate on infrastructure with your team.

IaC Terraform

Run Terraform securely

IaC Terraform

Run any Terraform command in a complete isolated sandbox and control who has access to what & why.

IaC Automation

IaC Terraform

Automate your Terraform and Terragrunt Git flows - “apply” on push, “plan” on pull request. Collaborative remote-run environment to simplify the governance of cloud deployments.

Streamline operations

Create custom policies that automate daily cloud operations, speed decision making, and reduce risks.

Unlock Multi-Cloud

IaC Terraform

Creating a multi-cloud infrastructure is today, a quite difficult task.With Brainboard, we made it so simple. Drag & drop any ressources from AWS, GCP, Azure & Scaleway and start with your multi-cloud infrastructure right away.

Improve time to market

IaC Terraform

It’s the holy grail of DevOps and the overriding goal of our customers. A DevOps-first team backed up by a DevOps-first platform becomes a well-oiled machine that will take your company to unprecedented new heights.

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