Brainboard for Decision-makers

Create a single source of truth for your organization and drive better business strategy.

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With Brainboard

Make your team more effective.

cloud collaboration
Get everyone on the same page
Quickly onboard new team members by inviting them to join your workspace.
Create teams and projects and control who has access to what 🔐
Bring your Cloud Architects and DevOps closer together
Work as one team. Break down silos and gives your team a single source of truth – helping you align the whole organization.
design to code
Seamless collaboration
Edit together in real-time: Co-design alongside your co-workers. Run global cloud architectures design together.

Don’t repeat yourself

Spend 80% of your time analyzing and exploring cloud infrastructure optimizations by using re-usable templates that you team can share with each other.
cloud managers
cloud deployment
Connect the dots
Reduce time spent on switching between tools - Stay focused and leave behind time-consuming tasks to do what you do best: strategy, sales plans and forecasts.

Centralize your cloud documentation

Add README files to keep track and understand of what your team has been working on.
cloud knowledge base
manage projects
Global overview of projects, environments and architectures
Zoom in and out of all the projects, environments and architectures your teams are working on to keep track of what they are doing and make the best decisions.

It’s all about alignment

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