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50 FREE credits for Import from
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How to use Import Azure?


Connect your Azure

Import Azure cloud infrastructure


Select the desired cloud resources to import

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Get the Terraform code & Cloud diagram auto-generated

Get the terraform code and diagram


Deploy your cloud infrastructure

Deploy azure cloud infrastructure

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Import Azure for free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Import from Cloud Provider work with AWS?

The Terraform Reverse feature of Brainboard is available to the public only on Azure for the moment. Import AWS is available to selected clients only.

Check our Public Roadmap and upvote features -- whenever AWS and GCP become available.

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How can I import my Azure infrastructure?

How much does it cost to import my Azure infrastructure?

50 FREE credits for Import from
Kubernetes terraform

50 credits equals to 50 Azure Cloud Resources.

Beyond that limit, please contact the Brainboard team and get the reduced price per resource imported. We'll be happy to deep focus on your use case and current needs.

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Why do I visualize my cloud environment?

Visualizing your infrastructure can benefit all engineers and stakeholders to go faster and validate your imported infrastructure:

1. Migrate and map your Cloud and visualize your infrastructure to see key cloud governance data in context and understand if any elements are relationship, or unidentified. It would help you avoid risk and cut unnecessary costs. Group specific elements such as security groups, VPCs, Virtual Machines, Zones, and more to inspect the terraform code generated.

2. Generate or update cloud diagrams to confirm that what was built matches what was intended, avoiding downtime and preventing holes in security and infrastructure. Validate essential details such as instance sizes, regions, and other data, and identify security concerns.

3. Clearly communicate current cloud architecture by automating cloud documentation IDE and keeping it in a central location. Keep everyone on the same page—from Cloud Architects and engineers to external and internal stakeholders—without having to manually diagram changes to your cloud environment.

4. Validate your imported cloud infrastructure. Build your CICD engine and deploy your cloud infrastructure whenever you are ready. Versions your cloud architecture and create templates to do the work once.

In sum, visualizing your cloud environment has the sole purpose to reduce the scarcity of (re)creating your built cloud infrastructure.

Import ready-to-deploy infrastructure that unifies your team

How much time can I save with Import from Cloud Provider?

Your time is a valuable asset. Don't do in months what you can do in minutes. Migrate to Terraform.

- You only need 1 engineer to migrate your entire environment.

- It takes less than 30 minutes to migrate 2500 resources.

- You could be saving $80.000 worth of cloud bills.

- You would need ONE solution for all your cloud actions -- Brainboard.

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50 FREE credits for Import from
Kubernetes terraform

What is Brainboard?

Brainboard is a visual cloud solution to design, deploy and manage cloud infrastructures. Import Azure is a feature from many features Brainboard delivers as a real asset tool for any working in the Cloud Computing industry.

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