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Visually Design, Deploy & Manage
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DevOps lifecycle 1.1
30x to 150x
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Cloud Architectures created
Faster & better onboarding of new hires.
Visibility of the work done ✅


Import from any repository, public and private, from your terraform* code directly or connect your Azure subscription.

Import Azure is out, Import AWS coming soon

import terraform alternative


The joy of drawing by hand. The ease of super-smart diagramming and flowchart softwares.

aws cloud azure cloudgcp cloudoracle oci cloud


Auto-generate a valid Terraform code* out of your Cloud Diagram.

*Terraform best practices applied into your Terraform code auto-generated

diagram to code
diagram to code


Provision, change, and version resources on any environment.


Create cross-environment strategies by promoting and/or synching your infrastructure from one environment to another.

synchronize cloud architecture
deploy infrastructure


Either trigger your CI/CD pipeline or deploy within Brainboard with security and isolation.


Real-time & asynchronous collaboration on all your Cloud Design Systems.

rbac cloud
cloud templatescloud privacy


Your Terraform state files are stored securely in your own remote backend. Unify your cloud source of truth. All your cloud architectures, Terraform modules & workflows are in one place.

*SOC2 compliant


Build strong cloud strategies that scale. Convert your cloud infrastructure into reusable templates. Build your own Terraform modules’ catalog/registry.

cloud templatescloud templates
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