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It's time to design on your terms

Brainboard is the only platform that brings together powerful diagramming features you already love and a more efficient workflow to boot.

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cloud architecture design principles aws
Cloud architecture design principles

Design for your Cloud made easy

Brainboard was built for the future of infrastructure. That's why you'll see features you won't find elsewhere.
  • A modern pen tool: Brainboard guides you implement optimised architectures by understanding all the interactions & relations between resources as a human does.
  • Smooth scrolling: Design infrastructure of any size for any use case.
  • Readme embedded: Document your work as you deliver.
  • Configure your ressource: Configuration management in a safe production environment.
Terraform code

Design Studio responsively
& bi-directionally

Spend more time iterating and less time moving things around.
  • Less manual resizing, more design patterns.
  • Auto-generate your Terraform code.
  • Design speaks deployment equals to cloud strategy.
cloud native design pattern
Cloud computing in simple terms

Automate and augment your most complex workflows

Remove repetitive tasks, bring in data, and power custom workflows.
  • Integrate your workflows: terraform modules, terraform variables, terraform automation.
  • Easy deployment: If you can build an infrastructure, you can deploy it in a giffy!

"I want engineers to spend time thinking about high level Cloud problems, rather than mindlessly repeating busy work. Brainboard helps them do that."

Chafik, CEO of Brainboard
Cloud Diagram documentation
types of cloud architecture
Cloud infrastructure best practices

Be efficiently consistent and consistently efficient

With your design systems in the Cloud, all the goodies in your libraries are always one click away
  • Accessible templates: A quick search surfaces the assets you seek. Simply drag and drop them into your current environment.
  • Import your modules: Speed up design with components. Edit and override on the fly.
Cloud infrastructure best practices

Turn engineers handoff
into a handshake

Bring engineers into your process early and often. Let them get the specs and assets they need
  • Unlimited versioning: Invite as many teammates as you want to view and comment (psst, it’s free)
  • Any viewer can grab snippets of generated Terraform code
  • Easy export: Export the exact assets you need in the formats you need them in.
  • infrastructure as a service iaas: Design presentional components
aws cloud architecture design principles
all-in-one solution for the cloud
Single pane of glass

Smart components for the cloud computing industry

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