'Import your Terraform .tf files and visualise your architecture' is AVAILABLEΒ NOW πŸŽ‰ β†’

Auto-generate your Terraform code
& Visually Deploy your infrastructure in 1 hour

With Brainboard, It's possible to design & deploy modern infrastructures.
We excel in auto-generating the Terraform code out of your infrastructure diagram.

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Key Features

Unite engineers, infrastructure teams, and security engineers

With Brainboard, It's possible to design & deploy modern infrastructures. We excel in auto-generating the Terraform code out of your infrastructure diagram.

Auto-generate your Terraform code
No more Writing Terraform code

Visually Design your cloud infrastructure

From Brain to Board. Drag & drop cloud resources to design your architectures in a multi-cloud fashion. What you graphically build represents faithfully your production environments and workloads.

Create reusable infrastructure

Start from scratch or choose from the Marketplace

Right now, if you want to get started with any architecture, you need at least 2 days to engineer a new architecture from scratch. With Brainboard, you only need a few minutes: Easily choose a pre-built template from our public / your private catalog and start deploying your infrastructure.

Diagram Templates
Kubernetes automation
Unified DevOps

Automation at its best

Powered with great automation capacities thanks to Kubernetes, Dockers and pre-built Templates, Brainboard is a must-have to manage their cloud primed in security and optimisation.

Visual deployment for the cloud

Brainboard supports major Cloud providers

Cloud Provider like AWS, GCP, Azure and Scaleway are supported to enhance flexibility and inspire great workshops in team, even remotely, to operate and improve their infrastructure.

Terraform Cloud provider
Auto-generate your Terraform code

Auto-generate your Terraform code

Writing thousands of lines of Terraform code is repetitive and a manual work. Here at Brainboard, you design your infrastructure and the Terraform code is auto-generated for you. Export it or deploy in-app.

Generate Terraform code β†’
Faster delivery

Git away ;)

We integrate pioneers in the Cloud Computing industry to deliver the best seamless experience in the Cloud.

Git versioning
Visual configuration

Variables & modules

Control you Terraform deployment with one click. Preview, suspend, resume & deploy your architectures, or simply extract the Terraform file.

design and configuration
Fully managed IaC and practices

Depict & optimise

Design, Test, Validate & Deploy in one platform to avoid using multiple tools at the same time.

Terraform Depict

Centralise your cloud culture

Brainboard solves this by bringing it all back together: Feel free to invite your teammates and stay connected with variables and modules, work on automations and workflows, centralize resources, documentations, credentials or gits. It makes it possible for you and everyone in the team to find the information you need, work on your next tasks and add ressources without interrupting others or digging through a mountain of code.

Cloud Project Management

Use cases

Charik ceo brainboard
Cloud architect
I build solid foundations for my company
I'm in charge of providing robust and resilient cloud architectures based both on my expertise and the requirements of my organization.

Brainboard allows me to :

β†’ Quickly draft, test and validate my target cloud architectures

β†’ Create repeatable blueprints that contain our best practices

β†’ Reduce by 4 the delivery time as I do not repeat myself neither my tasks
Brainboard DevOps
DevOps team
Shipping like hell
We design, build and maintain cloud architectures within our company. We use a Git repository and have existing CI/CD pipelines for our IaC files and deployments.

Brainboard allows me to :

β†’ Centralize, collaborate and enforce our security rules and conventions

β†’ Save 70% of our time as we design quickly, review efficiently and deploy instantly our code

β†’ Keep our documentation up to date
Brainboard Freelancer
Always in control of my work

I design, deploy an maintain ready-to-use architectures for my clients. I start by a drawing reflecting their needs before implementing it as a code.

Brainboard allows me to :

β†’ Visually design and configure target cloud architectures

β†’ Easily create and use templates

β†’ Improve the quality of my work with always an up to date documentation
Brainboard Network Engineer
Network architect
Make complex architectures simple

My job is to see under water in the darkness of connectivity how resources are interconnected and to track & troubleshoot requests journey.

Brainboard allows me to :

β†’ Depict every detail of the connectivity between cloud components

β†’ Have an up to date documentation about networking

β†’ Reduce troubleshooting time by 10 as I can find quickly where I need to took at
Brainboard outsourcing company
Outsourcing company
Customer satisfaction is our priority
We manage a wide variety of infrastructures. Our main goal is to deliver fast and reduce the time to market of our clients.

Brainboard allows me to :

β†’ Implement IaC best practices within the organization

β†’ Increase by 10 our Velocity to deliver ready-to-use cloud infrastructures

β†’ Onboard new engineers within the team easily
Brainboard Data Engineer
Data Engineer
Never get interrupted

Being able to deploy, manage and reuse pre-configured architectures on my own without hassle helps a lot to reduce dependencies between teams.

Brainboard allows me to :

β†’ Hugely increase my efficiency: what takes a week to do, I do it in a half day

β†’ Help my Data scientists colleagues to be autonomous by providing them reusable templates

β†’ Anticipate the needs as I have a higher velocity now
One-stop solution for your cloud

Auto-generate your Terraform code and deploy

Generate Terraform code β†’