design infrastructure

Terraform diagram

Visually design your Cloud infrastructure and manage your Terraform workflows.

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generate terraform
Digikaizen logozsoft recorder
cloud data center
Cloud visual solutions

Cloud Management Collaboration

You control who has access to what and why because even the diagram of your architectures is considered as a critical asset in Brainboard.

Import terraform
Import your .tf files
No more writing your Terraform code. Import and visualise any Terraform code (your .tf files or any open-sourced repo) to get started quickly.
Go DevOps
Design, Test, Validate & Deploy in one platform to avoid using multiple tools at the same time.
design infrastructure
Secure collaboration
Full change visibility and auditing across your entire organisation.
Import terraform
Centrialize resources & people
Unify your Cloud source of truth. All your Cloud architectures & workflows in one place, for all your teams to use (RBAC friendly).
Run Terraform securely
Any Terraform execution is run in a complete isolated sandbox.
design infrastructure
Remove bottlenecks
Increase speed and velocity of your organisation by removing the dependencies between teams.
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hybrid cloud
Cloud technology news

Code deploy terraform

No more glued tools, welcome to a complete Cloud ecosystem.

cloud connect to AWS
cloud connect to microsoft azure
cloud connect to Google Cloud Platform
cloud connect to Scaleway
Multi-Cloud by Design
Build architectures at your preferred cloud provider and also cross providers.
AWS cloud infrastructure
Azure Ops
Google Cloud Provider Terraform
Scaleway cloud provider
The tools you are familiar with are natively integrated with Brainboard.
Use case

Engineers that keep improving their cloud skills

We love what engineers are saying about Brainboard. It keeps us improving Brainboard for you.

cloud architect skill
Cloud Architect
Quickly draft, test and validate
Create ready-to-use Templates
Reduce by 4 the delivery time
Templates' Marketplace ❤️
network architect skill
Network Architect
Depict every cloud component
Up-to-date documentation
Reduce troubleshooting by 10
Auto-generate Terraform ❤️
cto skills
Visually design and configure
Reuse Templates
Improve quality of work
RBAC friendly❤️
infrastructure manager skills
Infrastructure Manager
Understand Cloud culture
Manage & challenge your team
Control your turnover
Custom variables ❤️
Devops skills
Head of automation / DevOps
Centralize security rules
Documentation up-to-date
Save 70% of your time
Automations & workflows ❤️
outsourcing company skills
Outsourcing company
Implement IaC best practices
Onboard new engineers
Increase by 10 your velocity
Import .tf files ❤️
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IaC Onboarding

Get Started with Brainboard in 3 ways!

Start from Scratch

From Design to Code. Drag & drop your ressources and configure each ressources.

✅ Start with a new architecture
✅ Design to Deploy in 1 hour
✅ Discover Brainboard

Import your infrastructure

Import your existing infrastructure to start scaling your existing infrastructure.

Import TerraformImport Gitlab repoImport Github repoImport Gitlab repo
Import from Cloud Provider (coming next week)
Import now

Duplicate from a Template

Choose a template from Brainboard's Catalog and start working in minutes.

✅ Choose from +50 Architecture’s catalog
✅ Duplicate existing templates
✅ Share an infrastructure for your team or the community
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