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Why Brainboard is the best cloud management solution?


With Brainboard

Without Brainboard

Cloud Infrastructure Build


Auto-generate the terraform code from the design and edit the generated code

Write Terraform code manually


Multiple users can design, edit and review the changes in real time. Users can use the work of each other without reinventing the wheel through templating of architectures, modules and CI/CD workflows.

No or low collaboration between DevOps & Cloud Architects.

Design the infrastructure

Create the infrastructure diagram and the IaC code that match 100% the deployed infrastructure

No live diagram view of infrastructures.

IaC templates catalog

Have architectures along with their IaC configuration as templates, public or private.

Not supported.

Import existing infrastructure

Import your existing terraform code to visualize your resources &/or convert your legacy infrastructure into terraform code - within minutes.

6-9 months of dedicated work for a cloud architect to manually write everything.


Add, delete, use and manage Terraform modules, public or private. Modules catalog automatically created.

Only public Modules supported.


Brainboard (Terraform 100% coverage)

Diagramming + IDE + CI/CD Engine + Management Solution


Terraform variables that can be defined across organization, projects, environments and architectures

Not supported

CI/CD Engine

CI/CD pipelines

Visually build (no YAML or specific DSL Language needed) and run pipelines and also manage dependencies between stages (external system when a condition is met)

Deployment only. No pipelines

CI/CD runners

Custom runners hosted by Brainboard that will execute the pipeline

Hosted on their infrastructure

CI/CD templates

Convert any pipeline into template and use it

Not supported

Costs estimation

Estimate the cost of the infrastructure (based on code) using infracost

Not supported


The possibility to call an external system when a condition is met

Not supported



Approve or reject the execution of any task with a maximum granularity per task

Not supported

Authentication SSO

OIDC & SAML, Different IDP providers (Octa, Azure AD...) with federation

Not supported

Policy as code

Define/codify policies used to manage the infrastructure with: OPA, AWS config rules

Not supported


Role Based Access Control supported

Not supported

Remote backend

Supports all types of backends: AWS S3, Azure blob storage, Google GCS, Terraform cloud, Gitlab remote backend, HTTP endpoints, Brainboard remote backend

Limited & depending to local environment & hosted services.

Security plugins supported

Scan the IaC code for security with: tfsec, OPA, Checkov, Terrascan

Not supported

Infrastructure Management

Cloud providers supported

AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Azure stack, Azure DevOpos, Scaleway and more planned for 2024. Multicloud is supported.

Limited to one cloud provider or 2 major.


Unified Readme documentation, diagram, and code for everyone.

Potential drift between the design and the code.

Drift detection

Detect changes that either doesn't match the code or doesn't match the deployed infrastructureThe possibility to prevent drift between environments.

Not supported

Git providers supported

Support: Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps

Git supported

Inventory view of cloud environments

Unified view of infrastructure projects, environments and architectures

Requires a dedicated management tool.

Synchronize environments

Native mechanism to synchronize enviroments for e.g. staging, QA and production (Terragrunt like)

Not supported

Terraform registry

Use modules from Terraform registry

Not supported


Keep track of every modification you do on design / code and or go to any specific point-in-time. Native versioning or Git supported.

Not supported

Design, Deploy & Manage Cloud Infrastructures

best diagramming solution

Multi-Cloud by Design

Import your infrastructure and improve it as you scale. You can also start from any Cloud Templates available in our Marketplace for any Cloud provider.

best diagramming solution

Enable Design Systems

Use our smart designing tool with all the Cloud resources you need to create your Cloud & network infrastructures. Brainboard understands all the interactions and relations between resources as a human does.

Automatically Generate Valid Terraform Code

Control your Terraform deployment with one click. Preview, suspend, resume & deploy your architectures, or simply extract the Terraform file.

Online Visual Collaboration Tool

Empower real time collaboration on all your cloud based infrastructures. Unify your entire Cloud software stack within DevOps culture.

Templates Ready-to-use

Choose a template from Brainboard's Catalog and start working in minutes.

visual git flow

Deploy your Cloud Infrastructures

We integrate pioneers in the Cloud Computing industry to deliver the best seamless experience in the Cloud. Brainboard supports Azure DevOps, Github, Gitlab...

Trusted by companies and engineers building scalable products in the Cloud

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