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Designing a cloud solution


Generate Competitive Advantage from Cloud-Native

Fewer than 25% of cloud initiatives meet their time to market and cost goals. Brainboard provides an open alternative to the public cloud and a faster alternative to DIY.

Open Distributed Cloud Service

Deliver centrally managed open source cloud-native services to distributed infrastructure with a SaaS control plane.

A Better Way To Run Kubernetes & Cloud-Native Services

Brainboard works with your infrastructure to create cloud-native clusters instantly. Clusters come built-in with monitoring and log aggregation, and integrate with all your existing tools, so you can focus just on building apps.

Architected for the Edge

Brainboard Edge Cloud enables customers to deliver cloud-native container, virtualization, and bare metal services using best of breed open source, cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, KubeVirt, Ironic, and Metal3.

Kubernetes integrationsHow to integrate Jenkins with Brainboard? Better than Terraform CloudGit integration

— Single pane of glass

Brainboard, the ecosystem

Brainboard allows you to have in one place, what you usually do with multiple tools and multiple learning curves.

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