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The simplest and most productive automation platform

With visual and intuitive workflows, Brainboard allows any DEV, QA, Ops and Sec engineers to effortlessly create almost any automation processes, including advanced ones, such as CI/CD.

Centralized visibility into all architectures processes

Get full visibility into all automation processes – who did what and when – without the need to review complex and lengthy scripts.

Plays nice with your DevOps ecosystem

Brainboard easily integrates with your DevOps toolchain and can run the same workflows across any environment, including SaaS, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

With Kaholo, you can easily:

Onboard developers to handle DevOps tasks in hours, not weeks.

Kubernetes integrationsHow to integrate Jenkins with Brainboard? Better than Terraform CloudGit integration

— Single pane of glass

Brainboard, the ecosystem

Brainboard allows you to have in one place, what you usually do with multiple tools and multiple learning curves.

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