Extending IcePanel for your Azure cloud diagram
Brainboard app

IcePanel vs Brainboard

Extend IcePanel for teams that prioritize creativity and collaboration

Choose Brainboard instead of IcePanel
DesignCloud Architect
IcePanel alternative

Designing a cloud solution


Powerful C4 modelling

Simple structured levels of detail for multiple audiences. Model reusable relationships between objects. Understand your system's dependencies. Sync your updates across all diagrams. Design current and future architectures.

Visual storytelling for Cloud Architects

Speed up onboarding and knowledge transfer without handholding.

Up-to-date diagrams & docs

Link your design to reality. Identify and resolve inaccuracies. Assign owners for accountability. Health check scores of your design - driving updates

Inclusive tooling for your team.

Share self updating diagrams, removing stale artifacts. Collaborate in real-time.

Kubernetes integrationsHow to integrate Jenkins with Brainboard? Better than Terraform CloudGit integration

— Single pane of glass

Brainboard, the ecosystem

Brainboard allows you to have in one place, what you usually do with multiple tools and multiple learning curves.

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