Extending Env0 for your GCP cloud diagram
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Env0 vs Brainboard

Extend Env0 for teams that prioritize creativity and collaboration

Choose Brainboard instead of Env0
Env0 alternative

Designing a cloud solution


Managed Self-Service

Design the controls and empower your teams with self-service cloud environments. Easily set-up a flexible hierarchy of both Terraform and environment variables.

Granular RBAC

env0 enables you to set up granular RBAC (role based access controls), to establish cloud credentials both the controls for who can apply changes and set up team roles and privileges. With Brainboard granular RBAC you can restrict access to production and restrict users/teams capabilities on all cloud resources.

Teams and Governance

Get visibility, predictability and governance on your cloud deployments. Easily manage the provisioning of teams, users and environments.

IaC Automation

Automate your Terraform and Terragrunt Git flows - “apply” on push, “plan” on pull request. Collaborative remote-run environment to simplify the governance of cloud deployments.

Kubernetes integrationsHow to integrate Jenkins with Brainboard? Better than Terraform CloudGit integration

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Brainboard, the ecosystem

Brainboard allows you to have in one place, what you usually do with multiple tools and multiple learning curves.

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