terraform command palette

Search or Run anything you want in the Cloud

With just a quick keystroke (Command + K), the Command Palette opens up, allowing you to search and execute commands with lightning speed.

One command for all

Whether you're trying to troubleshoot an issue, switching from one architecture to another, from testing to production environment, or find a specific configuration, you can easily find what you need by typing in your query.


search architecture


run cloud commands

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cloud ide

Visually Architect

You can copy a public template, import existing Terraform files, or start from scratch as you would draw a design on a whiteboard.

Brainboard provides a user-friendly interface where you can drag and drop cloud infrastructure resources, data resources, custom resources, and Terraform modules from any cloud provider supported by Terraform.

Brainboard also allows you to intuitively configure Terraform parameters directly from the canvas, and draw static components to guide finance, security, executive, and other non-technical viewers of your cloud infrastructure architecture diagrams.

You can easily save your architecture diagrams and the accompanying Terraform code as reusable templates for future cloud infrastructure projects, making the entire process seamless and efficient.

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CI/CD to the next level

Add actions to your pipeline and configure approval requirements for cloud infrastructure deployment, showcasing a user-friendly Terraform Cloud alternative.

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Visual Terraform Building Interface
from brain to board

Bring IaC best practices to the next level

By implementing your own self-service model, everyone can understand and collaborate effectively on cloud infrastructure development. This model also enables users to produce up-to-date diagrams for compliance documentation, ensuring that visual representations consistently align with the actual infrastructure's current state.

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Design, deploy and manage anything you want in the Cloud, without code.

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