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Brainboard vision
cloud infrastructure engineer
Let engineers do Engineering
We believe that the value of engineers is to find solutions to complex problems and not to spend time on what can be automated, their impact will be higher when they are empowered by the right solutions that help them go far and fast as a team.
Ecosystem instead of glued tools
Our industry has reached a maturity that showed us the limits of the glued tools, it is time now to think about "ecosystem" to build and manage the cloud and infrastructure.
auto generate python code
Provide technology to solve problems
Your role as an engineer is to leverage technology to solve problems and not reinvent the wheel because technology is a powerful asset that helps not only organizations but also individuals to unlock their potentials.

Introducing 'The Paradigm shift'

Chafik Brainboard

The Cloud has been around for 20 years now and has radically changed our way of running business as it accelerates innovation and decreases a lot of risks for companies. But most importantly it has triggered a paradigm shift in the IT world as companies (and engineers) started thinking differently about how to access computing resources to run applications and businesses.

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Our vision

Analyzing the history of the I.T and how it has evolved since its inception, a clear pattern draws itself and rules any transformation. We call it: the stacked abstractions because every new technology tends to be an abstraction of existing ones, like virtual machines on HW & OS, Docker on virtual machines and cloud providers on top of almost all IT.

We believe that the next step will be another abstraction on top of the Cloud and multi-Cloud, and the key points of our vision are: end to end ecosystem to build and manage Cloud infrastructure.
Brainboard's vision
  • Visualization has always been the starting point, either on whiteboards or papers, so a visual graphical designer is the closest way to the human native thinking process. Generate terraform code brainboard.
  • Automation is already a common practice, so we take it to the next level by generating automatically and from the graphics the necessary code to deploy your cloud infrastructure.
  • Collaboration is the key to any great work and Brainboard is built from the ground up around this criteria.
  • → We all know that DevOps is not a skill neither a technology but a culture that needs tools to unlock the creativity of the teams, we aim to be the bridge that connects people (engineers, developers, operators, administrators...) with the efficient use of technology.

Our Engagement

We are committed to build an end to end cloud & multi-Cloud Management Solution in terms of:

AWS EKS Architecture
draw io templates
The possibility to deploy any kind of infrastructure across many cloud providers. Excel your cloud migration.
cloud infrastructure engineer
Do engineering & do the work once.
workflow analysis
Data flow
Eliminate the communication barriers between different resources spanned across many cloud providers. Cloud technologies rethought.
aws modules
The ability and easiness to have the most cost-effective cloud resources across all the available cloud providers: Google Cloud, AWS Cloud and Azure Cloud.
terraform security group
Having the right tools and policies to ensure the safety of any kind of data. System integrator.
"We want all engineers, like us, to do engineering and not reinvent the wheel." - Jeremy, CTO of Brainboard

Brains behind Brainboard

Join the #OneTeam of entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers!

Chafik Brainboard
Chafik Belhaoues
CEO & Founder
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An engineer with 15 years of experience mainly on the infrastructure and the cloud, and the former CTO of Scaleway.

Jeremy Brainboard
Jeremy Albinet
CTO & co-Founder
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An engineer with +10 years of experience designing cloud architectures, building infrastructures; and a former Scaleway SRE.

Stephane Brainboard
Stephane Boghossian
Growth Product Manager
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Nocoder learning how to Code.

Growth Sales Manager at Brainboard
Tarak Bach Hamba
Growth Sales Manager
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Solution architect & automations.

Eloise from brainboard
Louise Espoir
Sales Manager
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Open positions, remote friendly

We are currently looking for 2 Developers & a Cloud Architect / Community Manager to join Brainboard.

Board Members

Brainboard is excited to announce its pre-Seed Round of funding thanks to amazing family offices, angel investors and engineers themselves who believe in our mission.

Y Combinator Brainboard
Y Combinator (W22)US-based
Sartup Accelerator

Moonfire logo
MoonfireMattias Ljugman and Mike Arpaia's family office
Kima ventures
Kima Ventures
Xavier Niel's family office
Evolem Start
Evolem Start
Bruno Rousset's family office
CEO of scaleway
Arnaud de Bermingham
Founder of Scaleway
CEO of Zimo
Eric Ouisse
CTO of Ziwo
Angel Investor Brainboard
Sébastien Pahl
CEO of Opstrace
Angel Investor Brainboard
Adrien Pestel
CTO of Claranet France
Angel Investor
Eugene Yan
Applied Scientist at Amazon
Angel Investor Brainboard
Arnaud Monnier
CEO of Seed for good
Frederic Altan
Frédéric ATLAN
Partner Development Manager at Claranet
Ramzi investor
Ramzi El Tajoury
Managing Director at BNY Mellon


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