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Driven to make a multi-cloud management solution

We are committed to building an end-to-end cloud management solution that fits all:

multi-cloud management solution

Chafik wrote this article in 2018. Brainboard stayed true to his vision from day one.

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Meet our Leadership

Cloud experts, creative minds, passionate motivations, and lots of coffee.

Chafik Belhaoues

CEO & Founder

An engineer with 15 years of experience, mainly on infrastructure and the cloud. Former CTO of Scaleway.

Jeremy Albinet

CTO & Founder

An engineer with +10 years of experience designing cloud architectures and building infrastructures.  Former Scaleway SRE.

We call ourselves the Brainiacs

Yes, Brain + IaC (s), for entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers of a better Infrastructure-as-Code ecosystem.


Growth Product Manager

Lowcoder, learning how to code. AKA The Mike Tyson of the Cloud.


Community builder

Solution architect & automation expert.


frontend engineer

I love pugs.


Cloud Architect

The technical muscle of the Brainboard app.


Frontend developer

Learner. Doer. Problem solver.


Account executive

Enterprise project manager solving business problems for clients in need.


Enterprise Account Executive

Solving problems, building playbooks.

Eloise from brainboard


Sales Manager

A New Hope. Seriously, she likes Star Wars.


Front-end Developer, UX/UI Designer

React lover, CSS ninja and the class clown.


Backend engineer

Just making things happen.


Backend engineer

Python fan ;)


Backend engineer

Just coding some stuff.

Board members
Passionate engineers
Believers of a better cloud

Respected investors
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Y Combinator (W22)
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Kima Ventures
kima Ventures
Angel investors
Sebastien PahlDocker
Sebastien Pahl
Eric OuisseZiwo
Eric Ouisse
Eugene YanAWS
Eugene Yan
Arnaud Monnierseed for good
Arnaud Monnier
Ramzi el tajourybny muller
Ramzi El Tajoury
Arnaud de BerminghamScaleway
Arnaud de Bermingham
Adrien PestelClaranet
Adrien Pestel
Frederic AtlanClaranet
Frederic Atlan

"As an engineer myself, I wanted to empower engineers to focus on building cloud architectures right, with best practices and security by design, allowing anyone to understand the infrastructure. Brainboard is the solution for enterprise cloud infrastructure."


CEO & Founder of Brainboard

Chafik CEO of Brainboard

Loved by industry leaders

"What a time-saver Brainboard is. All of my resources, modules, templates are right there in the library, ready to pull in error free the first time."

Sebastian Pahl Co-founder

Thomas Smith


"Brainboard is a revolutionary technology. It created a whole ecosystem to design and operate the cloud, taking infrastructure management to the next level."

Sebastian Pahl Co-founderDocker Brainboard

Sebastian Pahl


“Brainboard allows us to quickly visualize our cloud platforms and assets, and even deploy multi-cloud architectures with one click. It's also helped us better manage our cloud infrastructure costs.”


Eric O.


“I can't find the words to describe how incredible, powerful, and practical Brainboard is for me as a DevOps Engineer.”

Y combinator

Abel L.

DevOps Engineer

“Brainboard might've made the coolest tool of 2022 for me. Seriously it's phenomenal what it can do!”

Jim Curtis

Jim C.

Principal Cloud Architect

"Enterprise workloads need Brainboard."

Chris Smith

Engineering Manager

"As a cloud architect, Brainboard has allowed me to give life to my designs and architecture choices, because going from a diagram to an operational architecture is just a few clicks."

Yassir A.

Senior Cloud Architect

"Why write programming code when you can design application systems with Brainboard?"

Denis Astahov

Solution Architect

"Welcome to the era of Terraform-as-Diagram! Brainboard is Terraform migration made easy and visual."

Patrick Pichler

Data Analytics

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

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