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Make the Cloud,
an Ecosystem for All Engineers

The Cloud has been around for 20 years now and has radically changed our way of running business as it accelerates innovation and decreases a lot of risks for companies. But most importantly it has triggered a paradigm shift in the IT world as companies (and engineers) started thinking differently about how to access computing resources to run applications and businesses.

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Trusted by cloud teams all over the world

30x to 150x
Reduced Time To Market.
Cloud Architectures created
Visibility of all cloud assets
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Driven for a community-led cloud

We are committed to build an end to end cloud & multi-Cloud Management Solution in terms of:

operate the cloud

Meet our Leadership

Cloud experts, right arms to each others

Chafik Brainboard
Chafik Belhaoues
CEO & Founder

An engineer with 15 years of experience mainly on the infrastructure and the cloud, and the former CTO of Scaleway.

Jeremy Brainboard
Jeremy Albinet
CTO & co-Founder

An engineer with +10 years of experience designing cloud architectures, building infrastructures; and a former Scaleway SRE.

Meet our Team

Entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers

Stephane Brainboard
Stephane Boghossian
Growth Product Manager

Growth Architect learning how to Code.

Tarak Bach Hamba
Growth Sales Manager

Solution architect & automations.

Eloise from brainboard
Louise Espoir
Sales Manager


Paul Albei
Front-end Developer

Visual Designer and a rock star.

Rahul Kumar
Back-end Developer

Go to push!

& many other rock stars...

Remote-only Open positions

We are currently looking to scale our technical team.

Board members

Family offices, Angel investors and engineers who believe in our mission.

Y Combinator Brainboard
Y Combinator

US-based Startup Accelerator

Moonfire logo

Mattias Ljugman & Mike Arpaia's family office


Bruno Rousset's family office

Kima Ventures
kima Ventures

Xavier Niel's family office

Arnaud de BerminghamScaleway
Arnaud de Bermingham
Eric OuisseZiwo
Eric Ouisse
Eugene YanAWS
Eugene Yan
Arnaud Monnierseed for good
Arnaud Monnier
Ramzi el tajourybny muller
Ramzi El Tajoury
Sebastien PahlDocker
Sebastien Pahl
Adrien PestelClaranet
Adrien Pestel
Frederic AtlanClaranet
Frederic Atlan


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